Top 5 Fancy (and expensive) iPhone 5 Cases


The iPhone 5 is an expensive handset, and if you have one you’ll want to protect it from the bangs, bumps and scratches that happen all too easily to the sleek lines of your new phone. It will be able to cope with a minor bump, but drop it onto a hard surface and at best it’ll get a graze or two, at worst it will shatter into its many components. There are lots of potential cases out there to protect your new tech; these are a few of the more expensive ones.


Piel Frama iMagnum2

This Italian case has a leather outer with thermoplastic polymer inside to fit your phone perfectly. It has a magnetic clasp that will not affect your phone, and space to hold two credit cards, two spare nano sims and your cash. It is probably the most expensive case out there, and the quality is evident in the leather finish


Animal Parade

These fun and funky cases come in a variety of animal designs including a tiger and a koala. They are made of silicone and give you easy access to all your phones functions whilst protecting g it from drops and scratches. You can download software to create a screen saver that matches the case.


Otterbox Defender

This case has three layers of protection; a plastic shell that creates a cushion for your phone and has a screen shield to prevent scratches and chips, and an outer rubber silicone layer that acts as a shell and fits round the inner layer providing a barrier against bangs and scrapes. This case also has a belt holster that turns into a kick stand for viewing your iPhone 5 if required.  


Xdoria Dash

This case boasts a very slim fit, with all the protection of a bulkier case. It is made of a combination of polycarbonate with a high shine finish and a fabric that is perforated for a unique look and style. It has a clear window on the back to highlight the Apple iPhone logo and branding on the back of the handset.


Scosche Kickback Sport

This iPhone 5 case is made of polycarbonate to withstand impacts and give the handset great protection. It has a kickstand to let you watch movies wherever you go, and a good sized camera porthole in the casing to ensure unimpeded photo taking. The design protects your handset from scratches even when it is laid face down on a surface, and all the controls are easily accessible with the case fitted.


iPhone 5 is an expensive piece of technology, and it makes sense to pay a little extra to have it well protected. Any one of these cases will do a great job of looking after your new toy, and the range of colors, style and designs ensures there is something to suit every taste. So don’t risk damaging your expensive new handset, give it the respect it deserves with a high quality protective case

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