When To Choose A More Personal Gift To Give


Whether you love shopping for them or not, we all love to give gifts. They are a great way to say thank you, we love you, or happy birthday. But there are also plenty of occasions when a more personal gift would be appropriate. And some special occasions demand it! It’s not always easy to figure out the best gift to get a person. Try these top tips for giving the right personal gift:


Charms are a wonderful gift to give on a special occasion. Because charms are designed to be attached to jewelry, fashion, or even your handbag, they can be the perfect gift to give as a keepsake. You can usually find charms in any design you like. Babies, musical instruments, and animals are common shapes you might find readily. Why not give a bride and groom charm to the happy couple for a wedding gift? Or maybe a graduation hat to celebrate passing exams?


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Personalized Fashion

Tees and other garments can be personalized quite easily. These are particularly popular to give as gifts on a child’s birthday. Babywear is also a popular gift to give. If you personalize a baby grow with the child’s name and birthdate, it can even become a precious keepsake for Mom. You can use a bespoke design or personalization to create a uniform or outfit for a group. It’s a lovely way to help someone feel part of the team.


Many of us like to give flowers on special occasions, but did you know that some flowers have special, secret meanings? You can select the blooms based on their meaning to give a wonderful, personal gift. Red roses mean passion and love. And lilies mean refined beauty. Why not ask your local florist to prepare a bouquet full of meaning for the one you love?


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Gemstones can also have secret meanings. You can use the colors of the gems to spell out words like love or honor too. For a truly personal gift, you may choose to bespoke design the entire piece. You can choose the setting, the gems, and even the shape of the ring or necklace. Add a personal inscription for the ultimate personalized gift.

Poem Or Picture

If you consider yourself a wordsmith, why not write a poem? Detail your feelings for the recipient, or talk about the event that you’re celebrating. You could shape the words to create an image relevant to the occasion. Or maybe you would prefer to present the poem in a personalized frame? If you are an artist, why not draw or paint a personal picture for the gift recipient to celebrate their big day? The presentation is just as important as the artwork, so consider mounting or framing your work too.


Giving a gift is a wonderfully thoughtful thing to do. But personalizing the gift to make it relevant to the recipient or the occasion is even better. Making a gift can also be a special way to celebrate a big event. What will you give today?


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