How to Make Your House Glow


My husband and I just finished building our dream home! THANK GOODNESS! That was a much more stressful and tedious task than I had anticipated! I love my husband, but there were times over the past year where I debated this statement! I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect, and done the way I wanted!

I LOVE wood features in homes and always have! I wanted built in bookshelves in a couple rooms, a built in desk in my kitchen to keep complete baking set and utensils (with storage, OF COURSE!), and I wanted to have wood blinds in our sun-room! My husband agree on all of these wishes, and the outcome looks amazing! BUT I never considered how much work and the expense of keeping ALL this wood clean!

Within the first couple months I had gone through bottle after bottle of Orange Glow and Pledge! While they do smell amazing, they are expensive and full of nasty chemicals! I had no idea until I decided to read the ingredients one afternoon! I knew there had to be a better cleaning solution out there that was natural and cost effective!

I was able to find TWO alternatives that are safer for children and pets! These are all 100% eco-friendly cleaners with no unpronounceable chemicals, skin irritants, or artificial fragrances!

1. “Pledge” Recipe:

This will still have the lemony scent we all LOVE, but for a fraction of the


-Small, whole, fresh lemon ($0.33)
-Olive oil (doesn’t matter that brand, grab the cheap 8oz bottle from
Walmart for $2.00)

Price Estimate (per batch)

$0.17 + $0.50 = $0.67

Tip→ The lemon juice does make this perishable so make only what you
need weekly!


1. Juice the lemon and strain out the pulp and seeds
2. Combine ¼ cup lemon juice and ½ cup olive oil into a jar or spray bottle and shake
3. Pour out a small amount onto a soft cloth and watch your wood GLOW!

2. “Orange Glo” Recipe

Don’t worry that orange smell you love isn’t going anywhere, we just found a
Natural way to give it to you!


-Small, fresh, whole orange ($0.33)
-Olive oil (doesn’t matter that brand, grab the cheap 8oz bottle from Walmart for $2.00)
-Vanilla extract ($2.75 for 1 oz bottle)

Price estimate (per batch)

$0.17 + $0.50 + $0.05 = $0.72


1. Juice the orange and strain out the pulp and seeds
2. Combine ¼ cup orange juice with ½ cup olive oil and 2-3 drops of
Vanilla extract into a jar or spray bottle and shake
3. Add a few strips of peel for extra orange oomph!
4. Dab a bit onto a soft cloth when you’re ready to polish

Now sit back and enjoy your glowing wood! It’s easy, cheap, and safe for your family! This is something I’ve started doing once a week, but I leave the rest of the cleaning to the BEST CLEANING SERVICE IN DC! They make the rest of my house sparkle as bright as my glowing wood!

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6 years ago

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