Kid Proofing Your Floors


We are very lucky to be able to welcome children into our lives and home, and starting a family can be one of the biggest decisions we have to make. So it is incredibly important that we prepare our homes for new arrivals. There are a large number of ways you can prepare your home for your new arrivals, we’re going to look at a place they’ll spend a lot of their early days, the floor.

Kid proofing your floors

Whether it’s crawling or first steps, it is incredibly important to make sure you have the right flooring for your children. Most flooring is safe for children, however, your floors aren’t always safe! Surface damage can occur from the most simple of things, such as pushchairs and children’s toys. These can cause scratches and damage to your floor so it’s important you look at ways to protect your floor.

Laminate has great durability and is probably the best flooring out there for families with kids. One of the main benefits is its great water resistance. It’s very easy to clean and maintain and is durable, so will last a long time. It can withstand a lot of pressure, so is perfect for areas with heavy footfall. Surface damage will be limited, and scratching doesn’t usually show through. It is also perfect for families with children that suffer from allergies, due to the tight seal, dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens can’t penetrate it so can be easily cleared away!

Kid proofing your floors

If you’re willing to invest then a carpet or a rug will help keep your children safe. They provide a soft landing, and have far better static qualities to prevent them from slipping over! Laminate is definitely our recommendation. If you’re looking for a bit more style then hardwood may be an option, but practicality is not it’s the strongest point! We hope our guide has helped you, head to for more advice.

Kid proofing your floors


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Mama Ash
4 years ago

I never thought of laminate as we have hardwood floors, which…can be slippery!

Shirley Wood
4 years ago

I definitely think hard surface floors such as laminate are better for homes with small children. Carpet harbours too many germs and hard surface floors can be properly cleaned more often. We replaced the carpet with laminate in our old home and loved it!

Sapphire Kharyzma
4 years ago

This is great news. I am excited to know that kid proofing floors is possible. I enjoyed reading this, very informative 🙂

Mary Johnson
4 years ago

I just installed LVT in my office and now want it in my home. I love the look and the durability seems to be superior to the tile we had prior. I’m also in love with the colors! All of the different wood grains are gorgeous.

Kimberly @ Berly\'s Kitchen
Kimberly @ Berly\'s Kitchen
4 years ago

I’ve always wondered how laminate would hold up to the wear and tear of kids. We’ve always had tile and carpet. Love the look of laminate and hopefully will be able to get it one day. Thanks for sharing the info!

Censie Sawyer
4 years ago

Great information. I love our “fake” hardwood for this reason! HA!! One day though, we will have REAL hardwood!!! I will keep this info on hand.