Growing a Beautiful Garden with Limited Space


Having a sophisticated garden does not mean that you need an abundance of acreage. In fact, many people with limited property, some none at all, create extraordinary gardens worthy of a photo shoot. Whether you live in a home with a small backyard or an apartment or a condo, you can grow a spectacular garden that you’ll enjoy for many seasons. 

Selecting the right plants for your climate and space

In order to enjoy healthy growth and full foliage, you need to select plants and vegetables that benefit from the environment you live in and thrive in small spaces. For instance, you can grow upright flowers to establish a fuller, more robust look to your garden with annual wildflower seeds. Tomatoes, different types of lettuce, chillis, and spinach make excellent additions to any garden. You can grow them in planters or in the ground.  Many of your favorite herbs including thyme, sage, and parsley also thrive in almost any environment. Just make sure to check the seed package before planting them to make certain the region you live in is well-suited for healthy growth.   

Types of containers 

There is a wide range of containers available that you can utilize to plant a flower, herb or vegetable garden. Many come in sturdy plastic, clay or ceramic materials. You can purchase small, medium and large sized containers to achieve a customized look while accommodating certain plants that require deep soil. If you have a small deck, patio or balcony you can also suspend plants in containers to virtually eliminate the need for floor space. Window sills, steps, fences, and ladders are also locations that you can fill with beautiful plants and flowers to dress up your home’s exterior. 

Get creative

Deciding to grow a garden allows you to get creative and achieve the look you want. If you live near the coast you can incorporate a nautical theme and include natural elements such as seashells, anchors, and birds to fill the space and make it your own. You can also create a storybook or a fairy garden with an assortment of characters and accessories to add visual appeal. A garden should be a place where you can relax and take in the scenery.

Deciding whether to use perennials or annuals for your garden

If you have a themed flower garden and want it to remain the same year after year perennials will work. If you prefer to mix things up each season then annuals might be the better choice. Some people prefer to use a little of both. This way when one dies out another emerges giving your garden a completely new look during the spring and fall months. 

Shapes and sizes

Gardens come in various types, shapes, and sizes. It can have a curved, straight, horizontal or vertical design. You can plant a flower garden, a vegetable garden, an herb garden or a combination of the three.  You can have a garden in your backyard, on a deck, a patio, a balcony or indoors.  

Benefits of a natural garden

Aside from the personal pride of watching a seed transform into a delicious consumable product, a vegetable garden gives you wholesome produce free of harmful chemicals. Having the garden literally outside your door also gives you easy access and lets you pick the vegetables when they are prime for enjoyment. A flower garden fills the air with intoxicating scents and a beautiful arrangement of colors, shapes, and sizes that allow you to relax and breathe in the serenity and natural scents provided by mother nature. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 acres or a balcony, you can grow a beautiful flower garden or a bountiful herb and vegetable garden. With a little creativity and labor of love, you can transform any small space into the garden up until now you only dreamed about.

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