Homeowners’ Guide to Lock Outs


Whether you have lost your house keys or accidentally left it inside your home, locking yourself out can be quite an annoying experience. You are so close to the comfort of home, yet so far from being inside.

Instead of getting worried or panicking, there are different actions you can take that to resolve the issue. Through this guide, we will show you what you can do when you get locked out of your own home.

Contact Someone Inside

The simplest way to get inside your house when you’re locked out is to contact one of the people you live with. There might be a chance that one of them is nearby your place. If so, ask them to swing by and open the door for you.

It might be a bit of a hassle for them, but it’s a lot better than you have to wait outside your house all day. And who knows? Maybe they stayed in and are at the other side of the door. Another thing to ask them is if they’ve hidden a spare key somewhere outside. If they have, then you’re just one quick search away from unlocking your door.

Enter through an Unlocked Window

Okay, first things first, you should never leave your windows unlocked. But sometimes we slip up, and if you have, you can thank yourself for making that mistake.

When entering through a window, make sure to check if you might hit any furniture, electronics or potentially dangerous household items. That being said, always remember to lock your windows!

Use a Credit Card

Usually, your everyday door knob utilizes a spring bolt mechanic. If you do have a standard-issue doorknob, go through your wallet and find a card that you won’t mind getting destroyed.

This card will be your primary tool for unlocking the door. Next, insert the card between the frame and the door, and push the card in where the latch is. After that, position the card perpendicular to the door and then maneuver it forward. Lastly, use the card to bring the latch back while pushing your weight against the door. Keep at it until the door opens.

Call a Locksmith

If you can’t contact any of your housemates, can’t find any other way to get in the house, and have broken too many of your cards, maybe it’s time to call an expert. Search online and check for any local locksmiths close to your area. They usually have an initial standard fee and have additional charges depending on the situation.

Prepare in Advance

The best way to avoid being locked out is to avoid being locked out. Make it a point to always check if you have your keys. When moving from one place to another, go through your wallets to see if you have it. Another way to stay prepared is to hide a spare key somewhere outside the house. Don’t put it in a spot that’s too obvious else you might just help a burglar break in. Lastly, you can also carry and use a jiggler key. These are keys that can open the majority of the standard locks.


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