When are You Drinking too Much?


Many people do not realize they have a drinking problem until it is too late. In fact, it is estimated that at least two-thirds of Americans have a drinking problem that requires medical intervention at least once in their lifetime. Only a third of this number takes a serious step to curb the vice. A drinking problem does not happen overnight but develops gradually. At first, you may not realize you are drinking too much, and if you do, you may try to ignore it. But how do you know you are drinking too much? 

Your Drinking is Regular

You don’t have to drink every day to realize you are drinking too much. If you have a regular drinking pattern, for instance, every weekend starting from Friday all the way to Sunday night, then this is something to worry about. Also, if you find yourself looking for any chance to get a drink or all your meals accompany a few glasses or bottles of beer, this trend is something to worry about. 

You Can’t Control It 

You may find that every time you go to the club to have just one or two drinks, it ends up being a night or a whole weekend at the bar. This is worrying. You should be able to control the amount of alcohol you take at an interval and how often. If the urge to have a drink in between the set intervals is overwhelming, its time to realize there is a problem. Also, do bars, clubs or parties where alcohol is freely available enticing you more by the day? Do you find yourself carrying a few drinks in the car or looking for a bar first every time you are in a new neighborhood? Also, if you are always looking for a bottle in the morning to kill the hangover, it means you are drinking more than enough. 

You are Slacking on Your Responsibilities

This is a dangerous sign that you are drinking too much. Are you finding yourself too sloppy at work, always having a hangover to nurse or without the needed energy to handle responsibilities? People who drink too much may not be equally productive. Your boss may start complaining about your poor performance or teammates may want you to be more cooperative. If you are the boss, when drinking is taking more of your time than the business, its time to change course. 

Drinking affects your responsibilities not just at the office but at home too. You will have less time to spend with loved ones or attend to your obligations. One way to know you are drinking too much is when you keep on using money meant for bills or other commitments to drink. If you have enough money to take care of the drinking without affecting your financial obligations, there is always a voice in your head that tells you when you are using too much on the vice. Most often, you will want to ignore or silence it by getting another drink fast. 

Concerned Relatives 

The first people to notice you are drinking too much are your close relatives especially those you live with. One of the concerns is that you do not have enough time for them. Most of your free time is spent drinking either in the house or with friends. They also are the first to notice when you are sloppy on your responsibilities or when drinking starts to affect your health. Because they are around through all the mess you create when drunk, and sometimes have to put up with the consequences of your drinking. Unfortunately, most people do not listen to their friends and loved ones’ warnings until it is too late. 

Sudden Loss of Memory 

When you can’t remember anything that happened on your last drinking spree, it means you drank too much. When this becomes a habit, you attract other problems such as poor health, and even loss of livelihood 

When you notice you are drinking too much, take action immediately. If you realize you have problems stopping the habit, talk to loved ones and seek professional alcohol addiction treatment. The most important thing is accepting the problem then seeking the necessary intervention. Habitual drinking can lead to addiction, which requires more complicated methods to control. In a worst-case scenario, alcohol addiction can lead to death.

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