4 Most Sought After Cosmetic Procedures


It is not uncommon for us to find our eyes falling upon on a model flaunting their attractive body on the internet, magazines or newspapers. Modern times have changed our lives and the way we view perceive things. People have started accepting these models as an epitome of beauty. Every person, especially women, has fallen into this self-conceived psychological pothole of self-consciousness, and as a result, there has been an exponential increase in the number of cosmetic surgeries across the globe. Today, I will talk about 4 most-sought after cosmetic procedures. See which ones are best for you to look young and lively.


  • Breast Augmentation  


The most sought after cosmetic procedure among women is breast augmentation which accounts for 15.8% of all surgical procedures (2016 study). The procedure involves increasing the size of your breasts, particularly to improve your self-confidence, beauty and image. Studies show that having larger breasts can automatically increase the number of suitors you get. However, some women are fueled by need rather than want. Breast cancer rate is rising globally and the treatment can involve cutting of the breast tissue to avoid the disease spreading. Women have no choice in such cases other than to opt for expensive cosmetic procedures. To avoid complexities from surgery and achieve impressive results it is advisable to visit a certified clinic. Make sure you find the best surgeon in your area. For instance, if you are living in Orange County, find the best Orange County breast augmentation surgeon, who deals in all types of cosmetic procedures.


  • Liposuction


The second most favorite is liposuction with a 14% share, thanks to increasing obesity across the world. Why is that so? Machines have made things difficult for us since they are there to complete our everyday tasks. Additionally, we enjoy the most favored delicacies with no regard for nutritional value, and thus liposuction is on the rise.

Liposuction involves removal of fat from the body, eventually this means people don’t have to spend hours in the gym burning fat and eating the healthiest diet to be fit, they can just visit their trusted cosmetic surgeon for this procedure and look slim and smart!

Most of the time, the removed excess fat is discarded, but some people may also utilize that in fat replacement surgeries. For example, you could replace fat from your abdomen and have it placed in your breasts, so they look more natural compared to silicone implants.


  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)


The eyes speak a thousand words, and they are the gateway to your soul. Any asymmetry in your eyes can prove detrimental to your confidence. Perhaps this is the reason eyelid surgery was accounted for 12.9% of total surgeries worldwide. More people are opting for it to increase facial symmetry and self-consciousness.


  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)


Nobody wants to look like that witch from Snow White. Fortunately, for people living in this present age, there is a remedy. With rhinoplasty, you can shape your nose the way you want. This cosmetic procedure has gained a lot of popularity among both men and women worldwide. Rhinoplasty accounted for 7.6% of total cosmetic procedures performed in the world.

If you are in two-minds about cosmetic surgery and wanted a clear-cut overview of what people prefer to get done the most, this list is for you. Now, it is up to you to finally make up your mind and go get your personal appointment.

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