What You Need to Know About Oven and Cooker Hood


Setting up a cooking area requires the selection of the right oven, the grill and hob along with the cooker hood. It has to be installed in such a way so as to make them be in complete harmony. Cooker hood is considered as a great help in the kitchen. They are also called kitchen extractors as they have the ability to remove bad odor. It comes in variety of sizes as per the kitchen size and is made of glass or stainless steel. There are different styles of it such as the integrated hoods, canopy hoods, island hoods and chimney hoods. These do not come with most of the standard kitchen but have to be custom made as required. They help to remove smells while cooking, baking, or grilling of the food which produces bad odor in the kitchen. In other words it ventilates the kitchen while getting rid of the grease and smoke and giving the kitchen fresh air. The use of it cannot be ignored as it makes the kitchen environment clean and odorless. Even though the technology and design varies, the function of each such hood remains the same, which is, removing grease and smoke out of the kitchen. They are fixed in the chimney or into the oven place. Integrated cooker hood is placed over the cooking area for the removal of moisture or smoke. They stimulate the air of the kitchen which comes from the oven. It also gives a contemporary look to the kitchen.

Cooker hood minimizes noise with the help of variety of settings and display for control over it. It even has halogen lights and filters to remove charcoal wastes to purify the air. Little or no attention is required for this appliance and it can be a good styling for the kitchen. The use of it is an integral part for baking or grilling in oven in the kitchen. It removes the unwanted odors which will pollute the environment of the house. For installing a cooker hood we have to estimate the extraction rate in our kitchen. This can be done by calculating the volume of kitchen and multiplying with the number of change in air we require. The more the changes, the more will be the effectiveness. It should have a powerful extraction capacity. Hoods are available in many model such as ducted model and re-circulation model to name a few. Ducted model performs the function of extracting cooking odor and steam with the help of a filter and expelling it outside, along with giving a fresh and clean air. However, for this the filter has to be changed on a yearly basis. Re-circulation model is different from the ducted model as it passes the air from the grease filter before the charcoal filter.

Buying a cooker hood and oven is an easy task, with the sheer number of variety available ranging from the heating technique, its size, the hobs and the capability for increasing the energy efficiency. It definitely gives an aesthetics outlook to the kitchen. The need for installing a cooker hood is increasing by the day as people are becoming more health conscious, and they know that smoke from burnt food is very hazardous for their health. They can be rest assured of the cleanliness of the air, which otherwise are a pollutant for them.

Harvey Norman Singapore offers a stylish selection of oven and conventional, slim-line, wall-mounted and glass / stainless steel chimney cooker hoods from brands including Electrolux, Bosch, Brandt, Turbo, and more.

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