Get Up and Go: Top Bathroom Gadgets to Simplify Your Family’s Morning Routine


Bathrooms are as high-tech now as they were neglected a few decades ago. Today, if you want to set about making your bathroom perfect, there are all kinds of fun, thoughtful and outrageous ways to go about it. You can choose any level of indulgence that you want.

Make the sink easy for your kid to reach

A step stool can make the bathroom sink easier for your toddler to reach. Even so, the water still won’t be easy for a five-year-old to get in his hand, leave alone his mouth. This is where a handy tap extender comes in. The plastic funnel-like clip-on sells at under £10, and it attaches to any tap to bring the water within reach.

Make all your taps safer

Little hands are more sensitive to very hot water than grown-up hands. How is your kid to know if the water is too hot without first scalding his hand with it? This is where a tap thermometer add-on comes in. It clamps to the tap and displays the temperature of the water. Your kid can know what temperature it is before he sticks his hand in. A thermometer add-on can work for the bathtub and the sink.

Get oral hygiene tools for everyone

While everyone should have electric toothbrushes and water jet flossing devices, these are especially important for children. They find it hard to brush with any degree of control, and well-designed powered tools such as the Oral B Triumph can be a great help.

Find a few disgusting but funny accessories

Kids love comically disgusting things. Keeping a couple such accessories around the bathroom can make life easier when you need to bring your kid in to help him brush his teeth. A tissue dispenser that looks like a dog’s rear end, a toothpaste or liquid soap dispenser that looks like a leaky nose, or a bathtub stopper that looks like a person drowning are all possible novelty ideas.

Put over-the-top technology into everything

From a fully programmable touchscreen-enabled shower that lets you control every aspect of the experience, to a self-cleaning, programmable toilet that heats itself to the exact temperature that you want, technology can make anything better. You can even get a high-tech tap that lets you know what temperature the water is before you touch it, with cool LED lights that turn reddish or bluish, depending on the temperature of the water.

When you don’t want to get into the bathroom a moment too soon

If you always thought it would be great to have a butler draw you your bath before you actually stepped into the bathroom, there is an app for it. Products like the Crosswater Digital Duo help you draw a bath from the comfort of your bed, using an app on your phone. Your bath is ready, and at the right temperature when you go in.

When you want to be environmentally responsible

If you’re always telling yourself and the kids to conserve water and to not take long showers, you’re probably not very popular at home. What you can do is make water conservation fun. Products like Waterpebble sit over the shower drain, and monitor the amount of water going through. They have LEDs that change color to let you know when you are at risk of using too much water.

There is a lot of technology that goes into building the bathroom these days, and there is something for everyone, no matter what kind of budget you have to work with.

Ruby Leonard is a working Mom who relishes time savers! She works on reception at the local dentist surgery, and likes to keep the family fit and healthy; enjoying long rural walks on weekends with the dogs.

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