Why Buy an LED TV and Air Purifier?


LED TV is no new invention or technology but it is simply well install LED light – emitting diodes in a LCD TV. Here, the backlighting is done by using the LEDs rather than the normal cold-cathode fluorescent lights, CCFLs. Even though the LED TV gathered a lot of popularity just recently, the LCDs with the LED-backlighting have been in the market in the last six years. In the same manner the plasma TV is developed also the LED TV are made through integrating the same technology; a unit pixel has a self-discrete source of light but it differs from the technology used in the LCDs where any pixel is illuminated from the back, transmissive technology.

On the other hand, to considerably reduce asthma in children due to the allergens, air irritants and other airborne particles in homes you need to purchase an air purifier for your family and home. This may be the answer or solution for tackling this kind of illness because it will help out cleaning your home’s air and create better air circulation. The best deal for an air purifier is one that is efficient in lowering the count of airborne particles and has high CADR, Clean Air Delivery Rate. You have to check for some attractive advantages in LED TV, air purifier to make your home and family more comfortable. However, in the market you should also consider the following in order to acquire the best LED TV, air purifier:


Though a lot of air purifier claims to have effective air cleansing mechanism, the claims never match their rated specifications. Therefore, you should ensure that the seriously claimed products have been certified by the relevant authorities such as AHAM, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers and the Energy Star verification. Since these agencies have backing from the environment agency.


For your convenience when selecting an air purifier, there is need to check on the specifications you require. You should focus on the features that give you an ease when using the product. Some of the favourite features on the appliance should have washable filters to curb the cost incurred buying replacement filters and filter monitor that signals you when to clean or replace the filter. Also an air purifier should have a remote control system that allows automatic operation.


The best air purifier should not be difficult to operate though it is still very important to have proper help and support from the manufacturer for further assistance if things go out of hands. Hence, it must have a year or so warranty together with reliable online support services where you can engage in direct contact or online chat.


When LED TV is compared to standard backlighting provided by the fluorescent, the LED TV has an efficient backlighting. In addition, the LED TV consumes lesser amount of power than the LCD TV and CCFLs. With this advantage, it implies that you are you’ll have a corresponding reduced energy bill due to the use of LED TV. On the same positive thread, it offers wide range of colours, better contrast and brightness, good accuracy in its image rendering and also sensitive to scenes changes. The components used in manufacturing the LEDs are not hazardous to the environment as to the components of mercury used in CCFL.

Harvey Norman Singapore offers a wide range of High Definition and Full HD LED TV & Smart TV brands, including Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, LG, Hitachi and Sony. Harvey Norman Singapore also stocks a range of air purifiers designed to eliminate odours, airborne germs or allergens to improve the indoor air quality for the home or car. A selection of home humidifiers and dehumidifiers are also available to suit your health and comfort needs.

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