The Best Way to Lay a New Floor When You are Short of Time


If you are busy, keeping your home decor up to date can be a challenge. Juggling the kids, a career and looking after other family members means that most people find themselves short of time.

In the end, something has to give, and often it is jobs like decorating that get pushed down the ‘must do’ list. In no time at all, your home starts to look shoddy and becomes a less comfortable place for you to live. Often, this is something that kind of creeps up on you.

We all have a tendency to think of home decorating as being a time-consuming task. Something that we need to take time off work for, or spend a whole weekend doing. Many people choose to take this approach because it means that they get all of the mess out of the way in one go. However, decorating in this way is not your only option.

If all you have is a few hours free, once or twice a week you can still get most home decor and maintenance tasks done. You just need to be organized and choose fast decorating methods. The development of modern decorating materials and tools means that it is surprisingly easy and fast to transform any part of your home.

Quick flooring solutions

Take flooring as an example. Most people assume that laying a new floor will take at least a day or two to do. However, that is not necessarily the case anymore.

A convincing wooden floor the easy way

Before 1977, if you had wanted to lay a wooden floor in your home, you were in for a lot of work. You would have little choice, but to buy the timber, prepare it and lay a substructure. All time-consuming tasks that required you to have specialist skills and own expensive tools. In the past, laying a real wood floor, even in a small room, could easily swallow up a day or two.

Fortunately, that all changed with the invention of laminate flooring, which started to become widely available from 1977 onwards. This cleverly designed flooring material is pre-finished and is designed to snap together. It is so easy to lay that even the most inexperienced home decorator can get the job done, in no time at all.

However, it does have to be laid on a flat surface. Fortunately, the introduction of self-levelling floor screed products means that you can create one in less than an hour. All you need to do is to remove any dust from the area, open the pot and pour.  The liquid spreads naturally. Filling any gaps, and creating a smooth, level surface for you to lay the laminate flooring on top. You can pop to the shops, while it dries, come back and lay the actual floor.

This is just one example of how much easier it is to lay a new floor in your home when you have access to high-quality modern materials. The good thing about laminate flooring is that it is available in a huge range of colors and finishes. If you are updating your bathroom or kitchen and fancy a tile or stone effect floor you can have it.

You can find some great fast decorating tips on this site.

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