What is the Hardest Fish to Take Care of?


Just because you like some fish, it does not mean that you should buy it. You always perform a background check, before you buy a fish, especially if you already own a tank, and you just want to upgrade it. There is a reason why some of the most beautiful and most colorful fish are so dangerous and difficult to maintain in domestic fish tanks. Starting with the least harmless yet difficult fish to take care of, we will end this article with the most difficult fish to take care of.

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Most of the fish species are fragile and vulnerable to many factors, therefore evolution allowed them to develop some defense mechanisms. While these defense mechanisms work perfectly fine out there in nature, if you decide to take care of fish with highly developed defense mechanisms at home, you will come across some trouble! Probably the most common defense mechanism would be in the pufferfish, which looks totally normal, yet when it feels threatened it will increase in size. A body full of thorns will keep the predators away! However, pufferfish belong to nature.

If you want to build an enormous saltwater fish tank, then you need to be ready to strategically pick fishes that will inhabit that fish tank. One of the most beautiful saltwater species is Copperband Butterflyfish. You cannot deny the fact that this fish looks glorious and potentially, it could be a perfect addition to your tank. Yes, this specie is peaceful, but it can become too big for your tank, and it will require a lot of hiding places. This can easily be arranged, but still, such arrangement would disrupt the life of species that you already have in the tank. The most territorial species that do not work well together at all are Sunburst, Cannery Blenny, and Six Line Wrasse. You can keep this fish separately, but not together! However, if you decide to build another tank for that specie only, then you also need to invest money in better equipment. If you have the means, then go for it.

We recommend taking notes from Aquariumlabs, and if you follow the guide step by step, you will quickly build your first fish tank. Buying equipment is the least of your problems, and the number one priority should be selecting the fishes. Of course, as time pass by, you will become much better at taking care of your aquatic friends, and even if you make mistakes, they will teach you valuable lessons. One of the most infamous, yet adorable fish is Longhorn Cowfish. Sadly, this fish will literally occupy half of your biggest fish tank, and it will not cooperate with other species well enough. If you want to own a successful fish tank, then you will have to learn that it is all about micromanaging!

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