Eric Dalius on Ways to Boost Your Café Business and Make More Money


Cafes make good business and are lucrative for entrepreneurs interested in venturing into the food and beverage sector. These days, you will find at least one café down every street, especially in the cities. Eric Dalius thinks that as long as people will drink coffee, there will be customers for your coffee shop. Did you know that on average in the year 2015, the American per capita consumption of the beverage was approximately 10.2 pounds? 

Then, you need to implement the right marketing strategies to popularize your café. You will find many ways to make money from your cafe. Here is how: 

Eric J Dalius suggests adding beer or wine to the menu too

When your café is open in the evenings, include wine or beer to the menu to make the most out of the happy hour. The giant coffee brand Starbucks started its evening program and added wine, beer, as well as small-plate food to its menu after 4 pm. Starbucks anticipated that this strategy would help them make $1 billion annually by 2019. Therefore, you can do the same, and just by adding craft beer and wine would boost your café business when you would usually see a quiet period for your business. 

Advertise why your coffee is the best

When you are sourcing the beans from any particular firm using sustainable ways way to grow coffee or your café is serving fair-trade beverages that make your brand unique, ensure that you promote that to let people know why your coffee is the best. EJ Dalius is familiar with café owners who take special care to serve unique coffee. 

You can share special trivia, information about your coffee and food served on your website, or social media pages to let customers interact with your brand. It will pique audience interest, making your coffee shop popular. 

Tell people that you use the best quality coffee beans and food. People will saunter into your café to experience the best coffee. When you have 5-6 cafes in your neighborhood, you cannot afford to hold back on promotion. 

Let people unwind and chill out

You need to take advantage of customer’s longings to bond with others by including board puzzles, music, games, or other fun activities at your cafe. When it comes to coffee, it is more than just a beverage that customers drink. 

People bond, chat, connect, and converse. When you figure out the many needs, your cafe caters to; it will help in growing your business and take it to the next level. 

You will find many strategies that could run your café business, serve latte, espresso, cappuccino, and mocha with sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, burgers, French fries, stuffed omelets, and more. Your coffee shop offers you a load of opportunities to attract customers and boost your profits. 


If you would like to learn more about café business, read online blogs and articles. Besides, you have these tips handy to help you grow your coffee shop and attract more customers for enhanced sales. 

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