What is Mountain House Emergency Food?


Mountain House is a brand that was created especially for the U.S. Military, but that has also become the preferred brand for backpackers. It’s the best for long-shelf emergency food for preppers, and that’s largely down to its taste.

Mountain House foods have been scientifically proven to last for at least 25 years (the company itself guarantees their cans will last 30 years). You can cook their food right out of the can, even some three decades later, and it still manages to retain its wonderful taste. It should be the first brand you think of when preparing your emergency kit.

Developing these tasty freeze dried foods first came about by creating food for the military at the time of the Vietnam war. The food was delicious, filling, and people loved it. Today, it ranks as the No. 1 supplier of freeze dried foods for not only preppers, but also backpackers and campers. It’s also easy to make.

It’s easy to prepare (just add water) and there’s no mess to clean up afterwards. So It’s not just perfect for those going backpacking, but also those looking to keep some food on hand in the event of an emergency.

Stocking Up On Mountain House Cans

Free dried foods from Mountain House in #10 cans can last for 25-30 years. Once you’ve opened your Mountain House #10 can, you should consume its contents within seven days for best results and to make the most of its taste. Between uses, you should also use the resealable plastic life, and treat leftovers as you would any fresh food. You’ll need a can opener to open the cans, which are resealed with a plastic lid. There’s also an oxygen absorber inside to maintain the food’s freshness.

Even after some 30 years, the Mountain House #10 can has yet to be corroded, rusted, or punctured, and is still edible. You might notice a slight difference in appearance and taste, however.

Mountain House Buckets, Pouches

Mountain House pouches may not have the shelf life of a Mountain House #10, but they’re convenient for camping and keeping in bug out bags. They come in individual serving sizes, convenient kits, and buckets. The good news is that the flavors are available in #10 cans. Here are some of the tastiest flavors available.

Mountain House Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice #10 Can

This Asian-style meal is made from real pork, onions, and rice served in a delicious pineapple sauce. Even those who don’t typically enjoy sweet and sour foods love this one. Be sure to include this option in your emergency food supply.

Mountain House Rice and Chicken #10 Can

This perfectly seasoned chicken and rice comes in a delicious savory sauce and includes pimentos. It’s not one of the brand’s best-selling products for nothing.

Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki #10 Can

This tasty combination of chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo shots, and rice features a sweet and tangy sauce. Even the fussiest of eaters love this blend of chicken, vegetables, and rice smothered in sweet teriyaki sauce.

Mountain House Chicken and Noodles

The chicken and pasta dish also features red peppers. Sometimes simple flavors are what’s required, which is exactly what chicken noodles provide. This comfort food is perfect either at home or on the go, and is ideal for long-term emergency food or even to keep at home for a quick meal when you’re too busy to cook.

Best Points

  • Food Supply Calculator. Their website includes a Food Supply Calculator, which allows you to calculate the amount you need to buy for everyone in your household and the amount of days you’re stockpiling for.
  • Shelf Life. The company offers a 30-year Taste Guarantee and Shelf Life . Each meal is fully cooked before being freeze dried.
  • Variety of Choices. There are numerous Breakfast, Entree, Meat, Side, and dessert options available.
  • Variety of Sizes. There are many sizes available, too, such as Emergency Preparedness Buckets and Kits, #10 Cans, Pro-Packs, and Pouches.
  • Minimal Waste. One of the great things about the brand’s products is that your Emergency Preparedness Food Supply comes in individual packets in a bid to ensure long shelf life and to minimize waste. 
  • Aesthetic Packaging. The company has proved it knows how to make its products look appealing as they taste, with lots of outdoor scenes, yellows, and blues.

For almost half a century, Mountain House meals have been the preferred choice due to its delicious flavor, and history of reliability. And there’s no sign of that changing any time soon.

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