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When it comes to enjoying a few fresh good bagels I’m all for it with a fresh layer of cream cheese. There’s nothing like a fresh bagel to help kick start your day, well that’s what 1800nycnagels.com do to me! They kick start my morning no doubt with their wide selection of fresh, tasty bagels.

Not long ago I received a very nice assortment of bagels from 1800nycbagels.com and you could actually smell the freshness from the box. In the assortment box I received plain bagels, poppy, sesame minis raisin, blueberry, multi-grain bagels and many others.

Now we faithfully eat bagels, not only for breakfast but anytime of the day when that mood hits us to enjoy a great tasting bagel. Once my husband and kids saw the box they were ready to indulge with or without the use of cream chesses or jelly which we use often on our bagels.

I decided to get my bagel taste on and let me say this out loud…..”THEY WERE AWESOME and so FRESH & TASTY” did you guys here me…lol! I’m headed to visit my mom at the nursing home this weekend and I have already place a few bagels in a zip lock bag for her to enjoy. Mom is like me, she too enjoys a fresh, tasty bagel with either a hot cup of tea or coffee. She will be so happy when she sees the selection I’m bringing her!

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One things for sure, the New York based bagel company is sure to put a smile on your face and a taste of warmth in your heart when you bite into their bagels. Did you know that 1800nycbagels.com are freshly cooked daily? Monday – Thursday 1800nycbagels.com bakes and ships your bagels the next business day. Have an event? Let them assist you for they offer catering services so check them out.

1800nycbagels.com bagels are made with the highest kosher and preservative free ingredients, it is recommended that you keep your bagels at room temperature, Do not store in refrigerator, best to freeze any excess bagels, make sure to slice bagels before freezing, seal bagels tight and remember bagels can be sprinkled lightly with water and baked for 8 minutes at 350 degrees.

Well there you have it, a great bagel company that makes fresh, tasty bagels that can be delivered right to your door!

The price of all Freshly Baked Water Bagels is $1.50 each.

• 1 Dozen Same Flavor Bagels  – $18.00
• 1 Dozen Assorted Bagels – $18.00
• 2 Dozen Assorted Bagels – $36.00
• 2 Dozen Assorted Mini Bagels – $28.00
• 1 Dozen Bialy’s – $18.00





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