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Not all adults are sure that their personal data is protected. What can be said about students? Despite that knowing the legal rights and being aware of important privacy issues is the primary duty of any citizen and Internet user, people, often don’t pay enough attention to it, considering that it’s not important. But since digital tools are irreplaceable in the modern education process, the issues of student privacy should become the primary concerns of educators and parents.

If you’re an experienced student who wants to buy essay online and worries about the security of his or her personal data, check essay services reviews before placing an order. We advise you to cooperate with reliable services that guarantee your protection, still, the following information is primarily focused on people whose children are too young to understand these issues. Here are the essential tips to protect the privacy of your child on the Internet.

Familiarize yourself with law

Here we won’t provide examples and links to the laws because they vary from state to state. Spent some time to find the information about what privacy laws apply to students in your country, who has access to the information about your child, and so on. It’s dull and time-consuming but warned is protected. Write down some key points if you know that you won’t be able to learn them by heart.

Contact school and district administrators

You shouldn’t ask them vague questions all parents ask, such as who has access to child’s data. Prepare the list of the crucial issue in advance. It’s hard to remember and ask all of them in such a situation. Be sure to find out what devices will be used in the educational process if these devices are given by school but not bought by you on your own. Then specify what apps will be used during the lessons and also write the names down.  If you don’t trust these technologies, consult the authorities about possible ways to reject the use of devices and software, and use any alternative. The next issue you should clarify is the possibility to choose what student data will be collected and where it will be transferred. 

Change the settings of the devices

If the school heads let students bring these devices home, ask your child to do it, and set the settings up. Configure privacy settings in Google and other apps: enable all sliders in settings, don’t let the browser record the search history, record the audio and video, and so on. Be sure also to install the app that stops trackers and advertisers to exclude the possibility of collection of personal data. All reliable websites have embedded blocker. Students who often use academic writing services are familiar with such systems. If you’re a parent who doesn’t want to use this or that software for doing the homework, you may ask the service for help. Leave the request, Will you do my homework for me?” and get all homework done without worrying about privacy issues.

Meet other parents

It can’t be that you’re the only parent in the class who is concerned with this problem. Organize a parents’ evening and discuss this issue with all of them. You should find allies who will support you in your desire to protect your child and to make the studying environment safe for everybody. Discuss the possible solutions and alternatives if they are possible.

If all your steps had a positive result and you gathered a group of like-minded people, try to address authorities and organize meetings with PTA, technology directors, school principals, information officers, and others.

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