What is a school color run?


Running with Color

Schooling systems love to find unique and exciting ways for fundraisers. Raising money doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. One of the more ideal fundraising options is to do a school color run. This will be in the first place as the biggest hit for kids.

What is it?

This type of run is an entertaining way for kids to get into school fundraising activities. It consists of the children wearing all white clothing at the very beginning of the run. During the run volunteers or educators will throw colored powders onto the groups of children. By the end of the run the children are now covered in color and now have the memory of it.


Of course, the biggest concern for most is the ingredients of the powders being thrown onto the children. The colored powders are made of corn starch and vegetable food dyes. These are non-toxic ingredients ensuring the safety of the children while also promoting fun. The powder won’t affect the environment either. With the all-natural concoction, it is safe to use outside. To make the children feel safer during the run it is best to have stations where the powder will be thrown from. This will allow children to skip the powder throwing if they have no interest in it. Additionally, the volunteers need to be educated on where to toss the colored powders. The powders need to be thrown between shoulder and waist level for safety precautions.

Running Track and Time

Having a smaller course with a loop is the more ideal track for children participating in the run. Also, by adding a bypass option to the track children can avoid powder throwing. It is important to make the children feel the school spirit and not feel as if they’re running for a trophy or running alone. Having the smaller track will keep the kids packed together. This will make the powder throwing more fun and make the children feel like they’re accomplishing something with each other. Of course, when organizing this type of run it is also important to have intervals that are between ten and fifteen minutes. Having shorter intervals per group of children will prevent them from tiring down and keep the fun alive. The cleanup of the running track after the event is far from tedious. Obviously cleaning up trash and color stations. The powder can simply be rinsed away with a water hose and if on the grass nearby can be washed away by the rain.

The Benefits

There are many benefits that accumulate from this type of fundraiser. Unlike the typical fundraisers where students sell goods, this will create an everlasting memory of fun and spirit. Another benefit the run will provide is physical exercise. It is important for children to be happy and healthy, so the run fits those requirements. In conclusion, a fundraiser like this run will be superior to the typical selling of goods and bring in more donations and revenue. It will allow the children to feel accomplishment for doing something for their school.


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