What Are The Most Creative And Loved Promotional Products Of All Time?


We understand- choosing that one perfect custom product out of thousands of varieties of promotional items that are out there can be intimidating. But you don’t have to worry anymore! We are here to relieve the pressure of selecting the best promotional products for your business. If you want to make a difference and boost your business, you need to know which products are liked and repeatedly used by the consumers. 

So we are here to help you out. According to ASI’s 2019 Impressions Study, we know exactly what products are kept and preferred by consumers in the United States. We have compiled a list of the most popular promotional items that consumers own.

Customizable Drinkware: 

Drinkware products cover a wide range of items such as ceramic mugs, water bottles, glassware, and more. Drinkware is the most owned promotional product by US consumers. More than 70% of consumers own some type of promotional or personalized drinkware. 

This product is efficient and cheap. The usefulness can make your clients very happy. You can buy pretty, durable, and cost-effective water bottles from this link https://www.usimprints.com/category/water-bottles/


T-shirts are versatile and long-lasting. You can get them customized the way you want, the options are endless. T-Shirts are kept for an average of 14 months by 63% of consumers. Also, t-shirts can be used to make high impressions because they are worn in public settings.

According to a study, T-Shirts generate higher impressions than any other promotional product in the US. This finding is important but to understand the weight of it you should know what impressions are. The number of impressions of a promotional product is calculated by multiplying for how long the consumer has owned the product and how many people came into contact with it while being used by the consumer each month.  

Promotional Tote Bags:

The convenience of promotional tote bags exceeds the cost. When it comes to marketing, the importance of tote bags is unmatched. They have the marketing mojo and can amplify your business strategies. Tote bags will also help with building goodwill among your clients. 

Tote bags are a common tool used for advertisement. Just like T-shirts, tote bags also have higher impressions because they are used in public places. Tote bags are prevalent because they are very useful, you can use it either as a backpack or a usable grocery bag. Promotional tote bags are popular and liked by consumers, even the statistics prove the insane popularity of tote bags.

Tote bags come in a variety of different designs, find an eye-catching design, and use it to grab more attention. And because they have several usages, they also have high staying.

Promotional Power Banks:

Promotional power banks are preferred by consumers because of their functionality and huge staying power. It makes sense to give away power banks because two-thirds of people in the US use and own smartphones. Giving away power banks as a promotional product is a hit trend.

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