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Let’s face it, in today’s world, saving money is very important to the average household. My family, and I’m sure most families have a budget they need to stick to in order to make ends meet. I personally tend to do most of my shopping online. Like many families, the convenience of shopping online if far greater than visiting the store in-person. First, you save time and gas money.

Who wants to load the kids in the car, fight with them over every item they want while you’re shopping, load the car back up with the kids and everything you just purchased and then unload it all when you get home? Not me, that’s for sure.

When I shop online, I always use Google to find a coupon code. ALWAYS! Recently I was introduced to TopCashbackTheir system is easy to use, and you do not have to spend time searching Google for a coupon code. 


How does it work? Easy. Really easy. just follow the simple steps below. 

Create an Account

Signing up is easy. Simply put in your email, create a password and you’re set. 


Find the retailer on their site that you want to shop with.

Search for a specific retailer using the search bar at the top, browse different categories of retailers using the navigation bar or visit the Offers page for today’s best cash back deals.

On the retailer’s page on the site, you’ll be able to view the current cash back offers.

To start shopping, just click on the pink ‘Get Cashback’ button next to the offer – this will simply open the retailer’s own website in a new tab for you.

Remember, it’s important that you don’t just go to the retailer’s website directly.


Just make your purchase exactly as you normally would, and then TopCashback takes care of the rest!


They’ll calculate the amount of cash back you’re due, and any cash back earned should show on your account Earnings page within 7 days, although it’s often a lot sooner.

TopCashback has it covered with over 4,000 retailers to choose from!

TopCashback offers 100% cash back savings from your online purchases when you purchased through your TopCashback account. As you can see below, shopping Amazon via the TopCashback account you can save 10% on your purchase. Simply click the link in your account and shop Amazon like you normally would. 


Once Amazon, or the retailer you’re shopping with sends the funds over to TopCashback, they’ll credit your account. Once your account is credited for the full 10% you saved, TopCashback we’ll make your cash back ‘payable’ to you to withdraw and spend. It’s that easy. 


You can also save on travel and gift cards by starting your shopping and trip on the TopCashback website. Moreover, you can easily sift through the latest offers, newly added coupons, and they even have offers for Canadian retailers as well. 

With the holiday season just around the corner, TopCashback makes shopping and saving money a piece of cake. You’ll find a way to save on all sorts of things for babies, kids, sports, home & garden, and even designer fashion. Whatever’s on your shopping list, TopCashback is the place to start your online shopping and savings. 

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