What Accessories To Buy Before Heading for a Vacation


You don’t want to be caught out on vacation without the essentials. Holiday accessories are more than a fashion statement, they’re a must have. Whether you’re vacationing in the sun or hoping for a spot of sun on a staycation, you’ll need some basic accessories. Hush Style is there to supply your vacation needs. Just because you’re on holiday, it doesn’t mean you should lose your style either. Style is just as important on vacation as it is anywhere else. You don’t want to look like the average tourist. 

Go Basic With A Rucksack

The first thing you’ll need is a rucksack, whether you are exploring cities or ruins or sat on a beach. You’ll also want a rucksack for camping, glamping or skiing. 

A rucksack is perfect for storing your holiday accessories when not in use. It doesn’t matter if it is a bottle of water, sunblock, sunglasses, a beach towel, an extra scarf, bug spray or any combination of these things. Rucksacks are spacious and will fit it all. 

A rucksack will leave you hands-free for those important camera moments or to maintain your balance through twisting ruins. 

There’s no reason to have a scruffy backpack when a range of designer rucksacks are available. Just because you’ve gone on holiday, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best. If you dress like a teenager with a scruffy bag, you’ll be treated like one. Not so good when there’s a language barrier. 

Rucksacks don’t look out of place when also carrying a handbag either. Obviously, you won’t want a handbag if the beach or pool is your destination. 


Doesn’t matter if you are staycationing or going to far-flung places, sunglasses are an absolute must. You’ll even need them for winter snowscapes unless the Arctic Circle is your destination. 

Sunglasses are all about protecting your eyes from the sun’s most damaging rays. These reflect off snow just as much as they do from the sand. 

They aren’t just for sand and snow, you’ll need them whenever the sun peeks out of the clouds. That means you’ll want sunglasses for your camping staycation. Just because it is camping, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress in functional style. Cheap knock-off sunglasses will leave you without the UV protection and will break quickly. 

Flip Flops

If you are heading for anywhere with sand or a pool, you’ll need flip-flops. You don’t want sand getting in your shoes. It can be as challenging to get rid of as glitter but less sparkly and more uncomfortable. Much like glitter, you’ll find it weeks later too. Flip-flops being completely open prevent this while protecting the bottom of your foot. 

If going somewhere with a pool, you’ll want flip flops poolside to prevent gross fungal infections such as athletes’ foot, which runs rampant in the moist offerings of public pools. 

Don’t be caught out on holiday. Make sure you pack the essential accessories whether you are going somewhere far or staying local. 

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