Best Alternatives to Paragon NTFS for Mac in 2020


Unlike the universal FAT file system, Windows NT file system by Microsoft is a not fully compatible with Mac OS yet. People using NTFS-formatted external drives or BOOTCAMP partition on Mac will find the volumes not writable and files not modifiable. That is to say, NTFS drives can only be mounted in read-only condition in macOS. 

How to gain a full read-write access to NTFS drives on Mac? The best way is to utilize third-party NTFS for Mac software. Paragon NTFS for Mac is one of the best commercial NTFS for Mac software in the market. In this article, we will introduce a free alternative and a commercial alternative to it.

Free alternative to Paragon NTFS for Mac

Mounty for NTFS is a freeware that you can download and install on your Mac as a menu bar app. It is a lot easier to install and operate than other free NTFS for Mac apps which you can find in this post

As a freebie, it has common disadvantages such as no technical support, no regular updates, slow speed and oversimplified functions. Mounty for NTFS cannot mount NTFS drives in read-write mode automatically. You need to manually re-mount it with a risk of failure. 

How to use Mounty for NTFS:

  1. You can directly click install from Mounty for NTFS homepage or use Homebrew.
  2. Drag the downloaded file to Applications folder.
  3. The app will appear on the top right menu bar.
  4. A notice will pop up to ask you to re-mount the detected NTFS drives and click Sure. 

Commercial alternative to Paragon NTFS for Mac

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is a competitive product that can work for reading and writing to Windows NTFS drives on Mac. As a commercial software as Paragon software, it offers technical support, fast file sharing speed, no data loss/corruption, and easy operations. Because of the merits, it costs around $20 to gain a lifetime free read-write access to NTFS volumes. 

How to use iBoysoft NTFS for Mac:

  1. You can directly download the software from iBoysoft’s Utilities page.
  2. Drag the dmg file to Applications.
  3. The app will be launched on the top right menu bar as Mounty for NTFS and Paragon NTFS for Mac will.
  4. NTFS drives or volumes will be mounted in read-write mode automatically. If you want to mount it in read-only mode, you can set it manually. 


Almost all third-party software allows users to download and try them for a while. Therefore, we recommend you install and use software of different brand to find the one that you like the most. If you are going to use free NTFS for Mac driver, make sure you back up your important files first in case of any data loss. 

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