Find Localgraphers in Kingston to Capture Jamaica’s Island Vibe in Photographs


The tropical Caribbean destination of Jamaica is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is the heart and center of the action, and a great place to base your vacation. To add that extra special touch to your trip, you can find photographers in Kingston who know the local culture and can give you tips about how to get the perfect vacation photos depending on your travel occasion.

Find Photographers Who Know Island History

Blended with the unique Caribbean culture, Kingston also has some interesting historic sites dating back to the Spanish colonial era of the island. If you find a photographer from Localgrapher, they can give you a local’s perspective of the various sites such as the impressive Port Royal Fort which used to function as the capital of Jamaica and was famous for its pirate activity. You can also visit the National Heroes Park, the largest public park in Kingston with a large monument dedicated to the heroes of Jamaica. Besides being a great place to be outside, the monument is also perfect to include in vacation photos.

Explore the Blue Mountains

One of the most popular natural attractions of Jamaica is the Blue Mountains. From the capital of Kingston, the mountains are visible in the distance, adding to the stunning setting of the city. If the heat of the island becomes too much, the Blue Mountains offer a considerably cooler temperature with option to hike, camp, or stay in one of the cottage resorts to enjoy the incredible view the mountains offer over the island and Caribbean. Either from a distance or on a hiking expedition, you’ll have plenty of great photo opportunities with the Blue Mountains.

Island Vibes

Being in the Caribbean, you’re guaranteed to have some special island experiences on Jamaica. Take a day trip to Portland, Jamaica to visit the incredible Blue Lagoon; at about 200 feet deep, this stunning turquoise pool is a great spot to swim, dive, and enjoy the waterfall and jungle scenery. Dolphin Cove is another popular attraction that allows visitors to get up close and personal with the native marine life of the island. If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins or petting a stingray, Dolphin Cove is the place to go. Whether you’re traveling with young children hoping for an adventure or together as a couple for a romantic anniversary, everyone will love the playful dolphins and this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Once a popular resting point for marauding pirates, Jamaica has turned a new chapter to become one of the best retreats in the Caribbean. While you can still enjoy learning about the historic pirate scene, there’s no need to worry for your safety when relaxing on the beach, trekking in the jungle, or watching the sunset over the waves. Kingston, Jamaica is the perfect place to get away from the demands of daily life, especially when you find photographers who understand the local culture and can help make your trip one you’ll never want to forget.

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