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Ayurveda is the biggest treasure of ancient India. Meditation, diet, natural herbs, exercises. We know that all of this is the basis of a healthy life. So why is Ayurveda still considered an alternative medicine?

Well, ayurvedic doctors explain medical facts in other ways. They talk about energy, elements, spirituality as an integral part of our health. Ayurvedic treatments are directed at the long-term health solutions, hey do not focus on symptomatic relief.

Ayurveda as a whole

Serenity, health, and balance of all your systems are the main priority of Ayurveda treatments, and gladly professionals from Alveda know their job too well. When present-day medicine talks about your body type, Ayurvedic medicine explains in detail what is Dosha and how is it developed. But what is the difference? 

Dosha is the energy/ natural element that is present in your mind and body.  Each dosha element is responsible for primary biologic principles:

  • Vata Leukopoiesis. Creation of white cells. Inspiration and zeal Initiation and implementation. The preservation of bodily functions, sense organs that are in good working order.
  • Pitta Hematopoiesis. Creation of other blood cells. In the body, it attends to digestion, body temperature, sight, hunger, thirst, skin, intellect, confidence, valor, and elasticity.
  • Kapha Digestion. Brings stability, lubrication, bone compactness, patience, and emotional and mental stress tolerance.

Dosha is often imbalanced. In every human, it has different amounts and combinations of it.

To keep yourself healthy, you should balance the doshas, and minimize the weakness of every dosha.

Ayurveda for Health 

So ayurvedic cure is personalized for every human. Depending on the age: Kids, Teenagers, Adults, or Eldery. 

Ayurveda is especially beneficial for support of pregnancy or post-pregnancy stage. It says a lot about Men’s and Women’s reproductive health. Try by yourself, take a trial consultation at Alveda.

For New Mothers

The life of a new mother is highly challenging. No matter what stage you are at, you can just relieve a small number of issues or you can create a powerful health shift. Take into concideration, that approaching Ayurveda will affect your body, your mental and spiritual state.

This can have a several positive changes for the new mothers:

  • lactation support for breastfeeding mothers by using special herbs;
  • assisting the uterus in its reshaping;
  • taking care of constipation after childbirth.

And much more. It’s just a question of finding  a good specialist. We consider Alveda to have one of the best ayurvedic consultations and ayurveda services in the world. They know how to solve problems. Now you can easily restore your energy levels, and all of this can be done online!

For Kids

The preventative approach makes Ayurveda online consultation highly effective and protects your child from unnecessary problems. 

Helping with:

  • common cold;
  • seasonal triggered allergies;
  • sleep;
  • stomach aches.

You can have meditation sessions with your child that can strengthen your connection. You can give fragrant spices to calm your child or crate a supportive diet to prevent any future problems. Choose to guide your child through life with the help of a professional, you can have a consultation with one of Ayurveda doctors from anywhere in the world.


In conclusion, it’s all about having a healthy family. You can keep taking a long-term natural medicine with all the needed nutrients in it. You exclude all unhealthy fats, sugars, and replace them with new foods on your doctor’s recommendation.  Learn more about Ayurveda at the Alveda site. They have great bonuses for family subscriptions!

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