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vt1I got the new VTech Doorbell Phone. It is the IS7121-2Cordless Phone. I thought it was pretty cool to use your phone for more than one function, and I thought it would be cool to see who was at the door before I answered it. I am rather a private person anyways.


My husband was elected to install everything. Since I’m the only voter, he gets elected a lot! The phone was a breeze. He unplugged our old phone and plugged in the VTech. Darn, I could have done that. I expected it to be harder.

Then he went to put in the doorbell button. You can hook it up using your house’s power (120 volts AC) or you can use batteries. Since power wasn’t close to the door, he decided to use batteries. The batteries allows you to put it virtually anywhere. And so, rather than putting it on the door jam, he put it on the door.

IMG_1868My husband is a bit of a practical joker. When it came time to test it out, I heard the doorbell loud and clear. VTech’s Doorbell phone takes a snapshot whenever the bell is rung. When I answered it, I saw a picture of my husband holding a butcher knife. I said, “Who is it?” and he said, “Could you help me, my car broke down and my daughter is cold and needs to get warm.” And that’s when it hit me; this is something that could save my life. You can see who’s there and even though they talk a good talk, I can see if I feel comfortable opening up my door or not. One of its features is the ability to take photographs or stream video, or audio for that matter. I can see how this can make my home a safer place. It also has night vision in case your front light goes out (or is put out by a would be attacker). Oh and every time the doorbell rings, it takes a photo of them. When you get home, you can look through the photos to see who all came by when you were gone. That’s a great feature in itself!

The phones can also be used like a Walkie-Talkie so if you want to stay connected with someone else, you can. They are wireless hand-held phones so you can take them anywhere in your home and still talk, answer the phone, and see who’s at the door.

And we can’t forget the phone. Let’s say you don’t have your glasses on, or maybe you’re in the other room when the phone rings. This phone has Voice Announce. All handsets verbally announce the name of the caller through the speakerphones. You don’t have to run to the phone to know if you want to answer it or not. And it has up to fourteen minutes of record time for any messages that your callers might leave.

I went to VTech’s Official Website and and this is the highlights that they gave on the IS7121-2 Cordless phone:

  • Voice Announce® Caller ID
  • Push-To-Talk
  • HD Audio
  • Caller ID/Call Waiting*—stores 50 calls
  • Handset Speakerphone
  • Save up to 100 Photos
  • Backlit keypad and display
  • ECO Mode power-conserving technology
  • Quiet Mode
  • Expandable up to 10 handsets and 2 cameras
  • DECT 6.0 Digital technology
  • Voicemail Waiting Indicator
  • Remote access
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Message retrieval from handset
  • Last 10 number redial
  • Conference between an outside line and up to 2 cordless handsets
  • Mute
  • 50 name and number phonebook directory
  • Any key answer
  • Volume control
  • Table and Wall Mountable
  • Up to 14 minutes of digital recording time
  • Call intercept
  • Digital Answering System
  • Call screening
  • Message time and date stamp
  • Intercom between handsets
  • Trilingual prompts—choose between English, Spanish or French
  • Last 10 number redial

This is a pretty impressive list! And I only thought I was getting a new phone and doorbell.

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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