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Dreaming Unicorns complete the childhood dreams for many children, dreaming unicorns offer imaginative, gift worthy beautifully crafted clothing and toys to help in a child’s everyday play. Dreaming unicorns has all that a child needs to welcome some unicorn magic in their lives and dreams.  Children love these delightful and enchanting creatures that ignites a spark in their imagination. With Dreaming Unicorns, the unicorn fascination doesn’t necessarily need to end with childhood as they have items for a unicorn lover of any age.


   Interesting unicorn onesies of various different colors are available at Dreaming Unicorns. These onesies are well crafted and are warm and comfortable. You can find onesies for your kid at the online Dreaming Unicorn store. Onesies ranging from infant sizes to adult sizes are available.

Toys and Gifts

   Every child loves to be at the heart of imagination and play and dreaming unicorn allows just that with theme toys that have interesting unicorn and rainbow theme on them. The wide range of toys available at dreaming unicorns are a glorious range of fun for your kid and you will find craft based as well as educational toys.

Unicorn Bedding

   If you or your child is obsessed with unicorn’s then you can take this to a whole new level by checking out the bedding options on the dreaming unicorn website. The bed sheets are creatively designed to suit the likes of colorful and abstract unicorn design. They are designed as such that it will suit a room of any color. The bed sheets are suitable for all seasons and are available in single, full, queen and king sizes.


   Schooling is an interesting phase of a kid’s life. And to make sure that they carry their stuff to school in a bag that they love you can check out the vivid range of unicorn backpacks available at the dreaming unicorn store. The bags have plenty of room for whatever extra things a kid would like to carry along with their books and other basic stuff. The quality of these backpacks are not an issue because the bags have been well crafted to handle day to day use.


   When backpacks have already been ticked, lunchboxes are among the next item to be taken care of. Again we see a lot of different unicorn themes on the lunchboxes. Such themes on lunchboxes make it standout. The lunch boxes at the online store are of various different shapes and sizes, you can easily pick one that fits your choice. The lunch boxes come with several compartments for easily packing of your kid’s food. And some of the lunchboxes also have thin layers of insulation as well.

Makeup brushes

   Unicorns represent grace as well as beauty and dreaming unicorns makes sharp and colorful makeup brushes that will be a favorite for every young girl. The makeup brushes come in different sizes, colors and designs. Having such items will keep your child from opening your makeup box and also from messing it up.

   Dreaming Unicorns is providing a host of items for kids. The toys with unicorn themes prove to be love at first sight for the children and if you are looking for school utilities then the backpacks and lunchboxes are an awesome choice because of the unique colors and design. For bedding the bed sheet sets that come in many different sizes will come in handy and other items like the onesies or the makeup brushes are also some of the few things that a child needs. All in all dreaming unicorns has a lot to offer, check their online store for more items.

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