5 Fresh Puzzle Games for Android worth Checking Out


It does not matter if you want to kill some time or refresh your brain. Puzzles are a great way to do so. Nowadays there are so many varieties, that all it takes is your interest, to find one. There is something for everybody, so do not just lazy away in your couch, play some puzzles. Here are some worth checking out.

1.     Poly Sphere 360

Poly Sphere 360 is a nice hyper casual puzzle game that trains your brain to complete spherical pictures by swiping and rotating the pictures.

Upon its launch, you will be directed to my gallery where you will see all the solved pictures. You can then tap on any numbered box to unveil a new puzzle.

You will just need to slide or swipe across the screen, to move the pieces 360° until you make a complete image. You can opt to save the image as well as the solving process in its camera roll or share to Instagram.

The puzzles are often revealed as you make progress through the collections. Each collection has a set numberof puzzles.

In addition, you can control its sound, eco-mode, music, and other things under settings. You can play it FREE but with loads of ads. To unlock the puzzle of the day and remove ads, an in-app purchase of a membership plan is required. It isoften advertised in my gallery section.

2.     Dissembler

Dissembler is a colorful and relaxing puzzle game, which looks simple to play. It features a tile-swapping match-three game with each level requiring you to just, flip the tiles in a bid to match up the colors.

It is easy at the beginning, but with time, it becomes very complex. However, since there is no move limits and time limits. You can enjoy it as long as you want. It consists of over 120 puzzles, and does not have any in-app purchases or ads to bother you as you play.

3.     Brain It On

This physics-based puzzle game will require you to always, think outside the box in order to solve each of its levels. You can play it solo or as a group.

You will have to use your finger, or stylus, to draw lines, weighted objects, as well as shapes, or whatever you think will help you solve each screen.

Of course, as with every game it will start to get difficult as you progress. However, you can visit old levels, in order to get three stars to unlock new ones. Stars are earned when you finish each level under time as well as within the limit of shape numbers.

4.     Two Dots

Two dots is very addictive and simple to learn, but it is highly difficult to master. It is actually the sequel of the widely known Dots game, where the main object remains the same and all you have to do is connect as many dots of the same color, until you tire.

Two dots has more than 900 levels, plus some new skills. Its first 10 levels often act as tutorial, after which you are offered a linear adventure full of Treasure Hunt. There is also another different mode known as Expedition, once you reach level 35.

This game is unique with zero ads. In-app purchases are also available for shuffles that might help you cross some tricky levels.

5.     Threes

This puzzle game allows you to swipe around the grid to match like numbers. However, you will need to strategize first before you start swiping, because it can be game over if you end up filling the board and running out of moves.

There is a free version for it, but once you finish the given set of plays. You will have to watch the ads, to get more plays. For the best experience, buy the full game with no ads or any other distractions.


Puzzles are a great way to relax, improve and train your brain to work smart. They are often challenging, but that is the whole point. So you can learn a thing or two, while sharpening your cognitive and creative skills.

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great games and I love puzzle games for Android.