Zuru for the little ones this Holiday Season



Zuru is fun for boys and girls. 

Jacob loves the Hamsters in a House.  He’s 5, and can’t get enough of these toy Hamsters.  Don’t want the responsibility of a real pet, for my son, or me, so this is perfect.  I don’t have to feed it, or change it’s bedding.  Just let Jacob play with it.


Hamsters in a House are so much fun.  Your child will play with these toys for hours.  Jacob has had them for about 2 weeks, and still plays with them consistently.  And, there’s so much to learn from the website, like how to make your own Hamsters in a House World.  This is so amazing.  Jacob changes his world around, but there are definitely excellent ideas on the website.

Now, let’s talk about the products.


The Hamsters in a House:  Ultimate Hamster House is Jacob’s favorite product.  He loves it.  He plays with this one so much.  It’s awesome.


  • Hamster playset
  • One hamster
  • One curved track
  • Slide and spinning exercise wheel
  • LR44 batteries required. (Included)


Then, there’s the Supermarket.  It’s super cute, and perfect for any child, age 4+.


  • Each SKU will have a unique Hamster
  • Hamster buzzes, scoots and scurries
  • Pick up fruits and milk at the grocery store with this Supermarket playset
  • Collect all nine hamsters (one included)
  • Let your hamster push the shopping cart through the market


There’s also the Little House, for your hamster.  This one is super cute, and includes the following:

  • Hamster playset
  • One hamster
  • One circular track
  • LR44 batteries required. (Included)


And, lastly, let’s talk about the Hamster Toy and Accessories.  These are extremely sweet, and the perfect price.


  • Hamster in the house hamster
  • Tiara, comb, and Studio
  • LR44 batteries required. (Included)

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.






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