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mobidia2If you’re considering adding your child, to your family’s mobile plan, you might be hesitating. After all, children don’t always know how to be responsible with data and overages. You’re probably concerned about how your child will know when to stop using data, and whether or not she’ll go over your limits. 

On the other hand, giving your child a phone will keep him in touch. It can help you track your child’s whereabouts and help you feel secure as a parent. So how can you settle the issue of data usage while still allowing you that peace of mind?

Mobidia‘s My Data Manager app is the perfect solution. This app will save you money on your mobile bill without too much effort. And best of all – it’s free for both iPhone and Android! 

The My Data Manager app is a perfect solution for tracking data usage across shared devices. Simple visual displays will allow your child to see how much she can use, and when she should stop. It allows parents to monitor data usage as well so that they can tell their children when to stop.

“My Data Manager provides ongoing and real–time monitoring of your data usage. It automatically identifies which interface (mobile, wi-fi and roaming) is active and maintains history of your usage for each of these interfaces.

As the app provides an ongoing record of your data usage, you can feel confident about your mobile data expenses and use your device to its fullest.”


Even more importantly, the easy to use interface will serve as a tool for educating your child. It will allow your child to see when he needs, teaching him to be responsible with mobile fees and data limitations. This is a valuable lesson that will guide him for life.

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Features of My Data Manager:

  • Track data across all network types, including mobile, roaming, and wifi
  • Track data across all the users in a family plan
  • Shows which apps swallow your data
  • Compatible with major international mobile services
  • You can set alerts to notify you before going over your limits
  • Android version includes widgets so you can view where you’re holding at a glance
  • You can shut off data automatically after using up 80% of your plan
  • Know if your plan is adequate by checking your usage history
  • Track data on a shared plan, even if different platforms are involved (if some have iPhones, and some use Android)

Mobidia’s My Data Manager app is the solution families have been waiting for. It will provide you with a worry-free data experience. It will help you get the most out of your plan, without going overboard. It will help you avoid the companies’ exorbitant overage fees. It will allow you to provide your school-aged child with a mobile phone while training her to keep track of data usage. But best of all, you can download it free for Apple and Android!

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