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disney iconfrozen stockingI loved Disney’s Frozen, and now you can watch the sing along.  It is super cute.  We watched it, as a family, and my 3 year old, and 17 year old, and fun with it.  Frozen has been a favorite of Jacob’s since he first saw it.  This is an added bonus for the kids that can read, though.  You have the sing a long version.


Then we watched Maleficent, which is an excellent movie, starring Angelina Jolie.  It’s a spin on Sleeping Beauty.  This is Sarah’s favorite movie right now.  She will watch it over and over again.


planes fire&rescueThen, Jacob got to watch Disney’s Planes Fire and Rescue.  We’ve now watched this animated film 5 times in 2 days.  He loves watching all the planes.  This was truly the best cartoon I’ve seen in a while.  Any child would love this film for the Holiday season.


Sleeping Beauty is another great film that was just rereleased, we own this and watch it every other day.  These Disney films are all great gifts.

sleeping beautyYou can purchase any of these videos at a store near you.  These would be perfect to add to a stocking, especially at the prices you can buy them for.


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MaryJo Tsitouris
MaryJo Tsitouris
8 years ago

I loved Frozen so much that we got it on DVD! 🙂