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We may clean most days but there are always the big and often forgotten about jobs which we never get around too. Spare a little bit of time to do these and you will see huge improvements in your home’s cleanliness and smell.

In your humidifier, remove accumulation. Mold and germs thrive in the water that keeps your humidifier functioning properly. Pour two cups of white vinegar, undiluted, into the water tank, and stir it about until it becomes moist. Set the vinegar-filled tank on the base and give it 15 to 20 minutes to drain into the reservoir. After emptying it, scrape the crevices with a small brush to get rid of any leftover buildup.

Regain the pressure in your shower. By combining white vinegar and water in equal parts and dumping the mixture into a plastic bag, you can unclog your shower head. To fully submerge the holes in the solution, twist tie the bag around the shower head. After letting it soak for up to an hour, remove it and remove the loosening deposits with a cloth.

Reset the dishwasher. The interior of your dishwasher will eventually become clogged with extra food and filth. Make it a practice to clean any leftover food—beans, pasta, and so forth—after each cycle of dishwashing. To check for any remaining food and wipe it away with paper towels to stop odors in the future, pull off the bottom rack.

Clear out the shed and garage, sometimes it get so full of stuff it can end up being full of mold germs and even pests. You may need to do some serious deep cleaning and even contact pest control.

Refresh stale towels. Does the damp towel you put in your workout bag have a pattern? Take it outside, remove the mildew spores, and let it air dry for three hours in the sun. After that, machine wash after a pre-soaking bleach and water mixture (read the care tag to make sure it’s safe). 

Clean the cabinets. When you’re preparing dinner, cabinets can become soiled much like your culinary items can. To remove the oil, add some dish soap to a spray bottle filled with warm water. Then, dry after rinsing with a well wrung cloth.

Decongest a sluggish drain. Pour a half cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a half cup of vinegar, as soon as you see that your drain is beginning to clog. To contain the effects that resemble a scientific fair, cover with a moist cloth. After waiting five minutes, use hot water to flush.

Season rusted cast iron once more. Your dependable skillet’s seasoning can be removed if you scrape cast iron with metal scouring pads excessively. Use a scrub sponge to remove any rust, wash with some mild dish soap, rinse, and thoroughly dry the surface to restore the finish. Vegetable oil should be applied both inside and out before baking for an hour upside down at 350 degrees. Let cool and use a paper towel to absorb any remaining grease.

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16 days ago

Each of us likes to live clean, besides, clean air directly affects our health. In addition, now there are many cool tools that will make your cleaning much easier and faster. My sincere advice is just consider purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner, here you can find the top options. This is what every home should have.

16 days ago

Your advice is good, but if you want a really clean house, it’s worth considering a deeper cleaning. Moreover, you may find that you have mold in your home, especially in the bathrooms. Now you can easily find a mold removal service if you encounter such a problem.

10 days ago

Such a great article! However, you didn’t say anything about air conditioner filters. They need to be replaced once one to three months. Otherwise, all pollutants, including dust and allergens, will circulate through your home instead of being trapped by the filter.