How to Use Rocks and Boulders in your Garden


If you take a look around your neighborhood you will find that most gardens are similar in appearance.  Some will have well kept lawns, and some may be paved, but on the whole, they all feature trees, green grass, and shrubs.  If you yearn for your garden to stand out from the rest, make a bold statement with decorative rocks and boulders.

One of the first things that come to mind when you picture a beautiful garden are the plants, grasses and flowers that adorn them, but there are other ways to improve the look of your garden. Rocks and boulders can be used to naturally highlight the garden landscape, as they are simple to implement, and require a minimum of maintenance.

Rocks And Boulders As Garden Decor

Rocks and boulders may be used to fill flower beds, or to create a rugged feel for added texture. Medium to large sized rocks and boulders can be situated around the garden to create boundaries, and make your garden distinct from your neighbors.  Rocks and boulders add a realistic, natural texture and they stand the test of all types of weather conditions.

Filling Larger Spaces With Decorative Rocks And Boulders

For large garden spaces, you may wish to use a few very large rocks as a special feature.  Depending on size and number required, these stones may need to be specially ordered.  Keep in mind that they may be expensive to transport due to their weight, therefore it may be more cost effective to have imitation rocks made that will look authentic, but they will be much easier to move and position if you want to change the aspect of the garden.

Accentuate With Decorative Rocks And Boulders

You may prefer to accentuate the shrubs, plants and flowers in your garden by strategically siting rocks and boulders around them, or you can use the stones to create borders and paths.  Trees, grass and walls can be enhanced by the decorative look, and keen gardeners may even prefer to draw attention to the stones by painting them with your own favorite designs to add a more personal touch.

Hints & Tips

When filling an area with decorative rocks and boulders, weeds can still grow through. Make sure you avoid this problem by lining the surface with a plastic liner.  Leaves can fall in between the rocks and can be difficult to remove, so it may be worthwhile to invest in a leaf blower.  Before you buy rocks and boulders for your garden, make sure you know how many you need. If you purchase too many, it can be difficult to get rid of the excess because they are often very heavy.  If you do not buy enough, you might have difficulty in obtaining more, especially if they are specialty or custom made.

As there are differing types of rock, you can use a mixture to create texture.  Lava rock is popular, as is river rock, which tends to be round and smooth, but you can also use more irregular pieces of rock which are available in various colors, including red, tan, brown, black, charcoal, rust, blue, white, cream, grey, pink and purple.

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