Top Reasons to Why You Should Only Hire a Licensed Electrician


Booking an unlicensed electrician or performing electrical work yourself can be very dangerous, with the risks considerably outweighing the cost savings. Hiring an unlicensed electrician is not only unlawful and illegal, it can cause serious or fatal harm to the tradie your hiring, injury to you and your family, and any visitors you may have visiting your home. 

Here are our top reasons to why it’s so critical to hire only an electrician that is licensed.

Insured For Electrical Work

Licensed electricians need to be insured to perform work residentially or commercially. Their insurance policy covers you, your home, and anyone who utilises your property’s electrical systems and equipment.

In addition, most insurance policies for your home or workplace stipulate that any electrical work be performed by a licenced professional. Any damage caused by unlicensed electrical work will void your insurance, leaving you responsible for the repairs and accountable if anyone is injured as a result.

Quality Electrical Materials

A certified and licensed electrician will obtain supplies and components from reputed wholesalers throughout the country, which is critical because these materials and components must comply with Australian requirements and standards.

When working with an unauthorised tradesperson, this cannot be assured, and they may end up getting sub standard products that will not last, and worst create other problems with your electrical system.

Quality of Electrical Work

Obtaining a licence to operate as an electrician necessitates an assessment of the electrician’s work to ensure that it is of high quality and meets safety standards. Because safety standards are always improving, it’s critical to hire a certified electrician whose work can be inspected by the electrical authority in your jurisdiction.

If you hire a qualified electrician, you may get shoddy work, as they don’t have the experience the professionals do. Do it right the first time. You also can’t be sure they’re up to date on current safety standards or that they’ll follow them, putting you and anyone else who comes into contact with your property at a serious risk. 

Years of Electrical Experience

It can be tempting to jump on the tools yourself, and there are numerous DIY projects you can undertake around your home, but electrical work is not one of them. A professional electrician will be able to fix any faults or install new equipment without causing inefficiencies or circuit overloading.

Experienced electricians will be able to plan out the design of your electrical system, and cut costs where need be. These savings will go straight into your pocket.

Electrical Workmanship & Warranty Guarantee

Most electrical contractors guarantee their work and provide a warranty for any issues that arise as a result of their work. As long as you keep an invoice and a record of the work, the electrician will cover you for any defective products or problems with their installation. If for whatever reason they do not want to guarantee their work, you have other avenues to get your money back if their licensed like through Fair Trading.

In summary, do yourself a favor and only contact a professional electrician to handle any electrical work you require. A qualified electrician keeps your home’s electrical system in good working order and protects you from electrical problems that can arise.

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