The Health Risks a Blocked Drain Can Cause in Your Home


When we think of blocked drains, the first thing that springs to mind is the bad smell they can produce. Unfortunately, this is a only minor issue in comparison to the damage that a clogged drain may cause on one’s health in the short term and long term.

Water that is blocked for too long becomes contaminated and harmful bacteria’s form. Not only drinking this water will cause harm, but the bacteria can enter into our bodies through other mean such as skin contact, cuts, and even simple breathing. Unfortunately, blocked drains can cause some very serious health problems, I’ve compiled a list below:

E. coli — This bacteria causes liver damage, diarrhoea, fever, and stomach cramps, among other things.

Eczema — When you come into contact with an allergen, you get an itchy skin rash called allergic eczema. The symptoms usually appear hours after you’ve been exposed to the substance that caused the allergic reaction.

Weil’s Deisease — is spread from the urine of rats, which are voracious eaters of food scraps and drinking water. Rats are attracted to a clogged drain. Flu-like symptoms arise, and in extreme cases, internal haemorrhage and organ failure can occur.

Encephalitis – a viral inflammatory disease that affects the brain. Mosquito eggs are used to transmit the disease. Mild fever is the most common symptom, however it can also cause paralysis and convulsions.

Asthma — When you come into contact with allergens in the water, you get an itchy skin rash called allergic eczema. The symptoms usually appear hours after you’ve been exposed to the substance that caused the allergic reaction.

Preventing Blocked Drains

Blocked and clogged drains usually come from home owners negligence. These are some common things that should never be put into your drainage:

Wet Wipes: Some brands call them ‘flushable wipes’, but this is far from the truth. They can get caught in your pipes, eventually building up and causing serious overflow problems

Cooking Oil: Even bits left on your cutlery and plates, shouldn’t be washed down your sink. Once that cooking oil hits cold water it will solidify and stick to your pipe work, and create blockages.

Hair: When you shower excess or shaven hair will often end up down your drain. I recommend putting a good drain cover on all your drains that prevents hair and other objects going through.

When to call a Plumber

If you notice the common signs of a blocked drain, such as slowly draining water, gurgling noises, smelly drains, or overflows from your outdoor gully trap, call a local plumber to come and investigate the blockage for you. Most plumbers are happy to provide free quotes, with a no-call out fee, and will be able to assess your drainage for you with diagnostic tools such as a CCTV drain camera.

Plumbers use a variety of ways to unblock a drain, and the most useful ways include:

Plunging: The traditional way of using a rubber cup on the end of a stick. A plunger will use suction to increase pressure in your pipe and push the blockage through. 

Jet Blasting: High pressure water that frees any unwanted debris in your pipes. Both hot and cold jet blasting options are available with pressure up to 5,000 psi.

Pipe Relining: The newest and latest way of repairing blocked pipes by using trenchless pipe repair technology to patch pipes without having to dig up.

To wrap it up, a blocked drain is not only an inconvenience,  a health risk if not rectified as soon as possible. Children are more susceptible to these diseases from a result of blockages, but the good news is a professional blocked drain plumber will be able to offer you a range of solutions to unblock your drain as soon as possible.

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