How Do I Choose an Assisted Living Facility for My Elderly Parents?


Did you know that about seven percent of seniors (65 and older) living outside of an institution need help with their personal care? As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, that number will only grow. 

Do you have aging parents in need of a retirement community or assisted living facility? Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the best facility? 

Read this guide for help with how to choose the best assisted living community for your loved ones. 

What Does An Assisted Living Facility Offer?

A family caregiver can’t always provide the amount of help necessary to keep an aging parent at home safely. Assisted living is for elderly people in need of help with their normal activities of daily living. Those activities include such things as:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning

The goal of a good assisted living community is to provide help in a caring community while also encouraging maximum independence. Most facilities offer supervision around the clock. Residents have their own small apartments but also gather in community spaces. 

Social interaction is important to mental health and longevity, and the best retirement community is one that offers lots of opportunities for socializing. 

Finding Assisted Living Facilities 

When beginning your search, check with friends, neighbors, and colleagues to see if they have loved ones in a local facility. You can also consult your local Agency on Aging. 

You’ll want to visit your aging loved one, so be sure and look for facilities that aren’t too far from home. Once you locate a few facilities, it’s time to schedule a visit. 

Visiting the Facilities

Arrange a visit to the facilities of your choice. While visiting, discuss the facility and care options in detail. A few good questions to ask include:

  • What is the staff-to-client ratio and how many staff members are on duty both day and night?
  • Are all rooms private?
  • Are all bathrooms private?
  • Does the facility do background checks on the staff?
  • What training and experience does the staff have?
  • Is there a registered nurse on staff?
  • How close is a licensed healthcare professional in case of a medical emergency?
  • Are there secured perimeters? 

Is the facility clean? Do you like the way the staff interacts with clients? Pay attention to anything that’s important to your loved one’s wellbeing. 

Financing Care for Aging Parents

Most people pay much of their assisted living expenses through retirement plans and out of pocket. Make sure you understand all your financing options.

These may include long-term care insurance, Medicaid, and Veterans Affairs services. These are good things to think about well ahead of time.

Ask for a copy of the facility’s contract and check it over carefully before signing.  

The Best Homecare in the Best Retirement Community

When considering an assisted living facility, remember it’s your loved one’s new home. You want a peaceful environment, good social interactions, and a caring and experienced staff. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have before settling on a facility. 

Are you looking for more everyday living advice? We’ve got lots on the blog!

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