Top Lessons B2B Businesses Are Learning from Covid-19 – A Marcus Debaise Report


Businesses understand that in order to remain sustainable, they must be adaptable while responding to the changing environment. Due to corona virus impacts, the rate at which change is happening is increasing dramatically as business leaders attempt to quickly adapt to the transformed social and economic climate. In the process of responding and reacting to the pandemic, B2B businesses that were considered to be well prepared, realized that their disaster recovery strategies revolved more on data recovery and the impact of natural disasters, and not on disease and pestilence. The following is a brief overlook on the lessons B2B businesses have learned as a result of the current situation.

Agility and Resilience are Important 

There is no doubt that the most important element of business survival in these challenging times is the business’ ability to adapt to the changing circumstances. According to, agile businesses can react faster to various disruptions in the industry, including dramatic changes in the market scenario. The pandemic has taught enterprises that it is simply not enough to cut losses, however, they must also practice quick and innovative thinking to be able to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Many businesses have taken this opportunity to learn new skills and adopting new technologies as well as evaluate their business processes and what they need to do to meet customer expectations. According to Marcus Debaise, digital platforms like e-commerce and video conferencing are experiencing an increase in business growth.

Staying Connected and Listening Closely Can Help You to Survive 

Collaboration and cooperation are traditionally important concepts but in times of emergencies, they can be vital for sustaining the business. Consider asking customers for feedback on how the business can address their requirements in this difficult time. Doing this can increase chances of finding effective ways to serve your customers better. Also consider redesigning business processes as well as introducing new products that are better aligned for customer demands. Not only will an open approach allow for a better dialog with customers enabling the building of improved trust and loyalty, it will also potentially open up new streams of revenues that will assist in expediting returning to normal operations.

Marcus Debaise Suggests Avoiding Compartmentalization of Data and Business Processes

The quality of your decisions depends heavily on the quality of the information you have. This becomes very relevant when the environment is dynamic. In critical conditions, businesses that can detect emerging trends faster can plan better to address the possible contingencies as well as creating innovative alternate methods for managing people and processes. However, the situation can be placed in a precarious position if the data is compartmentalized. Compartmentalization of data typically means that there is no data integration of customers, inventory, and market demand. The pandemic has taught businesses to improve their internal processes by seriously considering boosting the data efficiency as well as increasing their content and strengthening the overall infrastructure.


While there is no doubt that the pandemic poses a threat to the survival of businesses, it has also provided avenues for new opportunities. This disruption allows businesses to take the time and reassess their internal processes in order to meet the challenges of customers in the post-COVID period while adjusting to the ‘new normal.’

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