Using Technology to Show Your House Virtually and Safely to Buyers in the COVID-19 Era – Top Suggestions by Adam K Veron


With social distancing protocols defining everything from dining out to hanging out with friends, selling your home in the traditional way of opening your door to stranger is no longer feasible. However, by using technology, you can still offer potential buyers a realistic view of your home from a safe distance. According to an article published by CNN, home buyers are increasingly adjusting to the idea of buying a house without having seen it physically. Some useful tips on showing your house virtually in the best possible way are explained in the following article. 

Prepare Yourself for Virtual House Showings

First, you should work with your real estate agent to prepare your home for virtual showings. Remove the usual clutter from the countertops and increase the floor space visible by stowing away unnecessary furniture into the basement or the garage to ensure the pictures and videos of your home accurately depict the property’s offerings. You can also decorate your home with some greenery, rugs, throw pillows, as well as some colorful flowers in attractive vases, and place some real fruit in pretty bowls. These thoughtful touches allow prospective buyers to visualize what the home would look like if they lived inside. 

Take Still Photos for Listing 

Even if you do not have a professional grade camera, you can take steps to make sure your phone’s pictures are high quality. Be sure to use a tripod to eliminate camera shake. Make sure that the room is brightly lit, taking care to prevent glare from mirrors, window glasses, or shower doors. Use props to create contrast and show the scale of the spaces. You can also take multiple shots of each room or space from different angles to portray the house in its best light. There are many services online to explore that can edit your pictures for you before you put them on your home’s listing. 

Make a Video Walkthrough for more impact, Suggests Adam K Veron  

While still photos are an essential part of your sales kit, a video walkthrough can take your listing to the next level. If you are not familiar with shooting video walkthroughs, you should familiarize yourself with the technique by viewing real estate video walkthroughs available online on real estate brokerage sites. For the best results, you need to plan out the route you will take beforehand, including a list of the best spots that will appeal the most to buyers. To give prospective buyers an authentic walkthrough experience, you should start by showing the outside of your house and then through the eyes of a visitor entering through the front door and exploring your house room by room, advises Adam K Veron.


While still and video photography represent the two most commonly used technologies used for showing houses, your real estate agent may also suggest a self-navigable 3-D tour of your house using advanced technology platforms to enable buyers to get a more superior feel of the spatial layout of the house. However, to best take advantage of this technology, you will probably need to hire a photographer equipped with special equipment. If you choose to pursue this strategy, take care to protect the safety of your home, including a full sanitization of your home after the shoot is complete.

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