Top 5 Favorite Art Activities for Kids of All Ages


Kids love art. There is just something about being creative that taps into a young person’s sense of self. Art can be very personal, and kids learn to express themselves in ways they never have before when they engage with art materials.

Many children have a natural desire to create. Because of that, parents encourage them by providing opportunities to express themselves through art. Other adults even start their art studios or get an art franchise to give children the best chance at success when creating art while socializing with other young artists.

Here are five of our favorite ideas for art activities for kids of all ages:

Clay Molding

One activity that taps into this innate desire for creation is molding clay. Clay is a great medium for different art projects. With clay, kids can create mini figurines, decorations, and other crafts. Clay is fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at most arts and craft stores.

Molding clay is an excellent way for kids to practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This activity allows them to experiment with different shapes and structures while having fun experimenting with color mixing too!


Another activity that encourages imagination is drawing. Drawing involves scribbling and doodling in a notebook and paper using pencils and crayons. Kids can draw pictures of their family, pets, or other people important to them. They can draw pictures of animals, plants, and things they enjoy seeing in their everyday life. Artistic ability may vary from child to child, so this activity provides an opportunity for children to see what they are capable of without too much pressure.


Painting is a similar activity to drawing. It requires practice, patience, and imagination. The most common materials for painting are paper and a large canvas. Kids can paint their favorite cartoon characters and animals, simple shapes, or even create patterns based on things they have seen.

Many kids love to paint. That’s why children’s museums and other family-friendly locations for birthday parties offer painting workshops for kids. Painting workshops are also available at many art supply stores, where instructors teach kids techniques in watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting.

Origami or Paper Folding

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into different objects or symbols, such as animals or flowers. Through origami, kids can learn about colors and geometric shapes too. This is a great activity for kids, especially those who are just learning how to work with their hands, as everything they need to do to complete their project is right before them on the table. They don’t have to worry about being creative. They simply have to follow directions and fold their squares of construction paper into different creations.


Stamping typically involves using an ink pad to press an object into paper or cardstock. It’s simple enough for kids to do on their own.

Kids can also get creative with the objects they use to create stamps. For example, if kids make cards for Mother’s Day, they can use dried flower petals and leaves to make pretty designs on their handmade cards. They could even make handprints using paint.


Regardless of what activity kids choose, the key to a successful art experience is to have fun. Kids should be allowed to experiment with different colors and textures, stretch their imaginations in new ways and create in a way that allows them to do something they enjoy.

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Darcy James
2 years ago

Very useful post I really appreciate thanks for sharing such a nice post.

2 years ago

Agree with you. Having such a hobby is a cool thing. Besides, I’d like to say that painting is quite a good thing for many people as this hobby is truly helpful. Anyway, I’m looking for painting by numbers, so can anybody share with me some ideas about it?

Bryden Charlson
Bryden Charlson
2 years ago

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Adrian Hill
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