Canadian Citizenship with Childbirth


Citizenship is a gift that will last a lifetime. Where you choose to give birth to your child can drastically impact the quality of their entire life. Thankfully, there is a way to provide your incoming baby with Canadian citizenship legally, and it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think. 

Even with the covid-19 restrictions in place, you can accomplish giving birth in Canada if you want to ensure your child has citizenship in one of the most progressive and productive countries in the world. 

The Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Children born in Canada are automatically considered Canadian citizens because the country stands on birthright citizenship. Regardless of the citizenship of the parents. However, this can be tricky territory to try to figure out on your own, so it’s no surprise that there are high-quality services that help you through the entire process. 

Canada is one of the very few remaining countries globally that has unrestricted citizenship for any child born on their soil. This right extends to those who willingly travel to Canada intending to give birth. 

Giving Birth in Canada with Consultants to Guide You

The first thing to do is get a consultation. There are many things to consider if you want to give birth in Canada, and it can be challenging to do from a distance. That’s why these consultants exist to make sure the process is simple and easy for you because when you’re that close to giving birth, the last thing you need to be doing is stressing about the details. 

During the consultation, you’ll be able to ask questions and get a better understanding of what the process of giving birth in Canada will be like. They will walk you through the procedure, from the travel arrangements down to the final paperwork, and can help you with everything in between. 

You’ll have all the options you would have at home, if not more when you decide to give birth in Canada. In addition, there are options for those who wish to give birth in the comfort of a hospital and those who would prefer to do a more homestyle birth naturally. 

The Costs, Travel Requirements and Paperwork for Citizenship 

The cost of the birth itself will fall to you, or if you have insurance that works intentionally, they can be billed as well. When discussing with your agent what type of birth and doctors you need be sure to understand that those costs vary 

Getting a Temporary Resident Visa 

The next step in the process is getting ready for travel. The first step will be to get a temporary resident visa. A temporary resident visa is the type of documentation required for non-citizens to enter Canada, and you must go through the process before you leave your home country. 

The consultant you work with will help you keep track of all the paperwork and documentation you may need throughout the process.

There are requirements that you have to meet to be able to visit Canada in this way. For one, you cannot have any criminal record, and you must also be in good health. With the shifting covid restrictions, it’s essential to check in close to your travel date to ensure you’ve met any requirements, including vaccines and testing. 

Flying While Pregnant Amid a Pandemic

Traveling while pregnant can be a bit overwhelming but keep focused on why you’re doing it, and it’ll be a walk in the park. There are some things that you might want to know ahead of time. For example, check with the airlines and airport on their Covid-19 safety measures, including, do you need to have a covid test at a specific time before travel? or do you just need to offer proof of your vaccination status? Each country and airline has slightly different restrictions and preventative measures to help protect the people they are in charge of. You must comply with f these regulations and rules to ensure you make it to Canada without issue. 

Both airports and airlines are cracking down on those who don’t want to comply with the necessary safety standards we’re experiencing right now. Passengers that refuse to conform or argue against the preventative measures are being removed from their flights and often are not allowed to reboard. So keep in mind why you are traveling and make sure you’re keeping yourself and your soon-to-be child protected during these difficult times. 

Once your flight arrives, you will follow along with the process of entering another country, which can include things like luggage inspections and showing documentation. You will also be fingerprinted and have a photo taken upon your arrival. 

You’re Not Alone: Meeting Your Consultant

When you’re working with a consultant, they will most likely meet you at the airport to help you find your way to the accommodations they’ve helped you set up. Then you will have time to discuss any further details that need to be attended to now that you have arrived in the country, including making sure you have access to a doctor as soon as possible. 

Once you are settled, you’ll have a doctor’s visit to ensure that the health of your unborn child is still healthy and that you aren’t suffering from any difficulties due to late-stage travel. 

Welcoming You’re New Little Bundle of Joy

Giving birth will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever undergo. Being able to do it while promising your newborn citizenship that will benefit them for their entire life is something to be proud of. 

Finishing up the Details and Taking Your Baby Home

After you have given birth, the agency will help to ensure that all necessary parties fill out all the proper papers and acquire a passport for your newborn child. Then, after your release and a doctor’s follow up you’ll be ready to head back home with your child in your arms along with the paperwork that gives them lifelong citizenship in Canada. 

The agency will help ensure you make your flight home, and if there are any details left to follow up on, this is the time that will take place. Giving birth in a foreign location may be the best choice you can ever make for your child.

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