Simple Overview of VPN and How to Set it up on Blackberry Smartphone


There are four main reasons as to why you may want to have VPN for your online surfing. First, it helps you connect securely to a remote network using the internet. Majority of companies maintain VPNs for their employees to easily access applications, printers, files, and resources without putting your security at a compromising situation. Another reason is because it is highly useful for multiple connections to connect securely. This is the reason why both small and big businesses use VPN to share both servers and resources to different locations.

The third reason is if you want to strengthen your online privacy. A VPN can help you connect to an encrypted tunnel while you are using a public or an untrusted network. A VPN basically encrypts all your Internet traffic so you will be protected from people who may be trying to capture your passwords and steal your private information by snooping in your network via Wi-Fi.

The fourth reason is that VPN can help if you want to break down regional restrictions like geoblocking on websites. There are some countries such as China and Saudi Arabia, for example, who puts censorship on these websites. With a VPN, you can work around this and get access to almost anything.

Now all of these advantages may not be entirely applicable to you if you are merely using a smartphone. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can skip installing it. You often access the internet using your phone at various connections and you put yourself in danger without the security a VPN provides. Here, we give you the steps you need to follow to install VPN into your Blackberry smartphone.

1. Install the Blackberry Desktop Software on your computer. You can get this by going to .

2. Run it and got to Advanced options. From here, check on the “Use Certificate Synchronization”. Note that this is a very important step since it will make you install SLL certificates which in turn you will need to connect on you smartphone. What if you already have a Blackberry Desktop Software already installed? Simply click on Tools which will bring you to Desktop options. Click  “Use Certificate Synchronization” and hit OK. 



3. Connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB cable. You will see the Desktop Software start then. Take note of the default options and install it on your phone. Afterwards, hit on the Certificates tab. 


4. Once you are on the tab, choose the Personal tab and the Import Certificates. Go to the folder where you saved the certificates sent to you. Afterwards, go to File Name section, choose All Files and then click on clientCert.p12. If you did everything correctly, you will be asked to provide a certificate password. Your device will be prompted to choose a password and you can set anything that you prefer. You will find a button near your certificate after this. Click on Sync tab in order to install your certificate to your device. 


5. Go to the root tab to import your certificates. Inside its folder you will see a file named caCert.crt. Click on it in order to install it. Once successful, go to the Root tab that you will see under Certificates and scroll until you see SuperVPN CA certificate. Check the button that you will see beside it then sync it once more to finally install your caCert.crt certificate on your device. 


6. Disconnect your phone from your computer and click the Options tab on your Blackberry. Go to Security settings and then on VPN.

7. You should be inside the VPN section now. Click on the button of Blackberry, choose New and setup your connection. Click once more on the Blackberry button and hit save to save the settings of your VPN. 

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