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Isn’t it iRonic how iConic the iPad is? The iPad mini, the iPhone, the iPod; they have set the standard that the rest of the world is trying to live up to and copy. Now, rather than getting a copy of what you want, why not get the real thing! Why buy a copy of the Mona Lisa when it’s actually the Mona Lisa that you want in the first place. It just doesn’t make sense.

I got mine from RadioShack. They carry it and all the accessories that make using it, an experience to enjoy. They also carry a full line of products to protect it and keep it charged up. RadioShack has a lot of other products too, so check them out when you’re in the neighborhood.


Essentially, the iPad mini has all the features of the original iPad. Its sleek appearance is not only in vogue, but it also makes it easier to use and it can go anywhere you want to be. You can hold it and use it with one hand or two. It is so light and well balanced that it feels comfortable when using it. There are over one and one-half million books available for it, more than 275,000 apps, over 5000 magazines and newspapers, and features face-time HD. You are able to see your family and loved ones in high definition and in real time. It’s like they’re right there!

The screen is 7.9 inches, and although much smaller than the original iPad, it doesn’t appear to have any reduction in quality or it’s useability. It looks great and is still very easy to use. In a lot of ways, it is something to experience. seeing my family use it, I realized that it can be used in so many different ways. Tommy uses it for gaming, music, pRS1-16692041w345and videos. Kelly uses it for music, school work, and face-time. My wife uses it to keep notes, dates, and birthdays in order while still enjoying a book now and then. I uses it to keep up with news, my business, and I can buy and sell items on the web as well. It is very fast and is WI-Fi compatible. I can take it anywhere and do everything I need to do. I guess that’s where they got the word “iPad”; it’s for the “I” in all of us. Now that I have one, I just can’t live without it.

RadioShack has everything your high-school and college aged students need to start the school year off right! Making memories is just a small part of growing up, keeping them stored for reminiscing in the years to come is so very important. The perfect way to capture those memories is the Nikon® COOLPIX® S01 10.1MP Mini Digital Camera. Available at RadioShack! If your student is like mine than math is going to play a big roll in their lives this school year. “The Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator($149.99) has new features, preloaded apps making it more versatile. 3D graphing makes problem solving infinitely easier”

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