Top 5 Chess Set For Kids in 2019


Chess set for kids often come in every imaginable theme, bound to attracts and interest your kid. Unlike other sports or games where physic and age can aid your winning, in chess, all you need is good problem-solving skills as well as brainpower. Thus, there is huge market out there for themed chess set for kids.

Here are our top five for 2109, cool, exciting and most importantly durable for your kids to enjoy for years to come.

1.     Star Wars Chess Set by Hasbro 

Hasbro is a trusted brand, so buying the Best Star Wars Chess Sets from them is not something to ponder. This one includes a game board, 32 star wars chess pieces and 32 bases. You will need to assemble it, but nothing difficult.

As for the make, the pieces are made of plastic but they are very sturdy. Therefore, do not expect any of them to break or fall apart with ease. Just keep them off ground and away from animals. As for wear and tear of the board or paint, do not expect it for a while.

The board is not too fancy, just standard to get the game going. There is also a noticeable difference in color of the pieces, its silver versus black, which looks visually nice.

Although, it comes with an age indication of 8+, anyone old enough to play chess can hack it, especially if you are an avid fan of star wars. Knowing what each piece means is also not that hard, as it is indicated in its front, to help newbie players. However, star wars fans will know what each piece means without further ado.

2.     The 32 Piece Batman Chess Set

This is for superhero fans, and can fit both older and younger kids. Although just a chess game, it has that Gotham city aura with the joker, Riddler, Harley Quinn as well as the Penguin and other evil minions ready to overtake Gotham city. Batman, Batgirl, Alfred, Robin and others are on the other side, ready to fight for justice.

If you are unfamiliar with the Batman characters, you can check out the bases of each character to see who is on which side. The light side has silver bases while the dark side figures all stand on bronze.

Each of the different character pieces is hand-painted, with bats scattered all over the board, converging in the center to create that well-known Batman symbol.

3.     Basketball Chess Set

This is the best themed chess set for kids who enjoy the game, basketball, on a chessboard as they do on a basketball court.

This chess set has two opposing basketball teams, with a retro look and feel. Each figure sits atop a felt-bottomed base that looks like a small part of a basketball net. The queens here are both cheerleaders.

Apart from the usual chessboard layout, there are also basketball court markings and basketballs painted at each of its corners.

4.      Final Challenge Chess Set by the Noble Collection

Assuming your kid is familiar with Harry Potter book series and movies, especially the first one. Then this would be an ideal chess set for them. It is the mini version of the life-sized chess game that plays out in the final challenge of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, featuring Harry, Ron and Hermione. It comes with 32 pieces.

5.     Super Mario Brothers Chess Set

This is the ideal chess set, for kids, who love video games. You will find all the classic characters of the Super Mario Brother here from Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Toad and many others facing off against Birdo, Bowser, Goombas and other baddies. The pawns are turtle shells for one side and coins for the other. Mario and Bowser are the kings, each with different weight and height.

As for make, all figures are made from plastic while the folding chessboard is made from cardboard. Nonetheless, it is still durable with zero sharp edges. It is the ideal fit for the younger kids, those still learning how to play chess. Moreover, it comes with a collector¢s tin, for easy storage of all the pieces together.


In conclusion, there are so many themed chess sets for kids out there. You just have to choose, depending on the interests of your child. For now you can try the above chess sets, they are all fun and exciting for kids of 2019.

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