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Before the baby came, we were all just Megan, Lucy, and Claire. We wore heels and stayed up at night partying and studying. It’s different now. Now most of us are four-letter moms. Age, last name, address and weight change, but Mom is forever. When sleepless nights are no longer as fun and heels are dusted or given away to childless girlfriends.

Self-care is something we should always have with us. And no matter how carefully we wash our face, despite the 100 steps of care and huge checks from cosmetics stores – just one mistake can erase all our efforts to zero. It’s nutrition.

Unfortunately, food is far less full of vitamins than we need. And chronic dehydration affects us more severely than we can imagine. When you add in the various diets that do more harm than good, it’s even more amazing how we wake up in the morning.

It’s time to believe in the magic of premium supplements since few of us believe in Santa anymore. Simply8 is an international brand of vitamin complexes that can solve every one of these problems! What makes Simply8 better than others? The basis of their gummies is pectin and tapioca. The vitamin complexes contain no gelatin or corn syrup and are 100% natural. Natural colors, extracts, and flavors with no chemical additives.

This all sounds good, but where to start? There are dozens of vitamins in the Simply8 line, 90% of them are vegan (except Collagen, Hair skin and nails, Elderberry + complexes with vitamin C, propolis, Vitamin D3 and Calcium + D3) and all have FDA, GMP, and STAR K KOSHER certifications. Stay cool, we’ll help you figure it out.

While we’re on the subject of youthful, firm skin, collagen is at the heart of it. Over the years it becomes less in the body and collagen needs to be replenished from food. The Collagen Complex from Simply8 contains the best kind of collagen on the market – marine collagen. Marine collagen is absorbed better than others and is most similar to the collagen that we have in our bodies. 

Dehydration is the second problem that Simply8’s unique Hydration complex with electrolytes will cope with. If you’ve had experience using powders and tablets with electrolytes – it’s terribly uncomfortable! But in the form of gummies, you can keep your body hydrated and restored easily and deliciously. There are different sizes of jars from which you can choose a 30-day or 60-day supply.

And to maintain the overall tone of the body there is nothing better than apple cider vinegar. Oh, its taste is incredible, we love it! 

Also you can find a lot of great yummy complexes for your children – b complex, kid’s multivitamin, probiotic, vitamin D3, vitamin C etc

Whoever has read this paragraph will be even more surprised. After all, with promo code MBS10off, you can order gummies from Amazon right to your home with a special 10% discount. And yes, Christmas is a time of joy and gifts, a list that so rarely includes vitamins. We think that needs to be corrected! Give yourself and your loved ones the most important thing – health. 

Being a mom is not easy. So in helping others, don’t forget about yourself and your health. Simply8 super vitamins for super moms! Try Simply8 and feel the difference. The best time to start – December sales on Amazon (up to 50%) 

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Claudia Krusch
1 year ago

Very interesting! I’ve never heard about it! I’ll be adding them to my diet.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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