Top 10 Ways To Succeed In School from Dr. Clifford James!



Heading back to school can be a little hectic for both parents and kids. I know for my children they’re never ready to return to school and of course I’m worried about all the money I’ll have to spend, especially since I have a child headed to college.

It’s so funny being older now and a Mom because I can remember my mom feeling the say way back when we were children. She would procrastinate and worry about how she was going to save on items we needed plus she made a list of ways that would help us get ready for returning back to school.

Well Dr. Clifford James from has conducted a video called Top 10 Ways To Succeed In School. Below are his recommendation from his video:

  1. Sleep, sleep is so import: make sure your child is getting the right amount of sleep at least 8hrs.
  2. Food and Nutrition: make sure they are eating healthy warm meal so they will have full attention in class.
  3. Math and Reading: make sure to practice both everyday after all both will be used in your everyday life.
  4. Pay Attention: this is something you can teach your children everyday to do.
  5. Keep paying attention: make sure your child is paying attention at all times.
  6. Don’t procrastinate: make sure if your child has an assignment they address it right away. Don’t allow them to put this off and make sure you the parent don’t fall within the procrasting stage too. Set an example!
  7. Make school a priority: Don’t talk bad about teachers and the classes. Point out how important school was to you when you were younger.
  8. Know your kids friends: this will keep you from wondering why your child changed. Invite your child friends over so you can learn more about your child’s friends and how they act.
  9. Organization: keep things in order, keep up with your kids test, grab a calendar note their extracurricular  activities.
  10.  Only except the best: empathize their strength, encourage them to always to the best no matter what.

Well don’t wait, start implementing these steps Dr. James laid out for your children today. It you kick start them now I’m sure your child can return back to school without any worries!

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