The Tanoshi 2 in 1 for Kids! A Tablet and Laptop in One and Kickstarter Information


Tanoshi is coming out with a 2 in 1 Computer for Kids! 

Technology keeps getting better and better and it shows that kids are using technology at younger ages than ever before.  My almost 7-year-old granddaughter loves to either be on my phone or tablet or on their computer at home.  She is either playing games, watching things on YouTube or doing math problems through a game on my phone when we are together.  My 2-year-old grandson already knows how to find photos on my phone, play Bubble Witch or a Candy Crush type game, and even has a puzzle game he enjoys trying to figure out.  Recently he seems to have conversations with Siri, yet sometimes I can’t even locate her on my phone.

The Tanoshi 2 in 1 for Kids! A Tablet and Laptop in One Plus Enter Their Giveaway!

Visit Tanoshi’s Kickstarter page here.

The Tanoshi 2 in 1 for Kids! A Tablet and Laptop in One Plus Enter Their Giveaway!


When I learned that Tanoshi was coming out with this 2 in 1 computer I was so excited for the opportunity to review one for my granddaughter for her Christmas this year.  I have been trying to figure out less “tons of toys” and more items that will take up less space but still be a great gift.  This fits in that category.  The only thing I feel badly about is that I won’t be able to get Zak one also so I will have to figure out something equivalent for him and his age.

The Tanoshi 2 in 1 for Kids! A Tablet and Laptop in One


About Tanoshi’s 2 in 1 

First, the Tanoshi has a tablet. 

The Tanoshi 2 in 1 for Kids! A Tablet and Laptop in One

A tablet

This tablet has the same access to the Google Play Store that is filled with over 2 million apps.  it’s perfect for taking it on the go or relaxing with a video. Play games, draw pictures, take photos, or browse the internet.  Google Play Store has not only games but educational games too.  This could allow them to brush up on their math, or reading, and then time for fun.

The Tanoshi 2 in 1 for Kids! A Tablet and Laptop in One

A laptop

The laptop will be great for doing school work or conversing with their friends, as we know it is still important to monitor their online activities.   Laptop mode lets you get serious work done. Just like on traditional laptops. 

Child-friendly design

Including 10″ HD touchscreen, full-size keyboard, touchpad and emoji shortcut keys.  I love the emoji shortcut keys as we know emojis are a big thing with the kids and adults alike.  Available in three colors: pink, blue and green.  One is sure to be a hit with your child or children.  In this day and age, it is important to have the ability to have blended learning at both school + home because it is the future of education. It allows students to have more control over the time, pace, and place at which they learn. Tanoshi products come preloaded with educational apps!with kid friendly apps.  It is meant for kids age 13 years and younger.  The parent has control from their mobile device called Family link** as far as how long their child is able to use it, and what apps they can and can’t have on their Tanoshi computer. Two of the preloaded apps will be Nancy Drew: Codes and Clues and Toontastic.  I just think this is so neat and I have been excited to share Nancy Drew with Emma.

Remember technology is the way of the future, and it is important that our children and grandchildren are not left out.  I believe Tanoshi is going to be a leader in technology for kids.

You can learn more about the Tanoshi family here.

**Family Link: The Family Link app allows parents to manage their children’s screen time (set daily limits, bedtimes, etc.), approve or deny app installs and review time spent by children on individual apps all from the convenience of their personal Android or iOS smartphone. And the Family Link is completely free of charge!

Tech Stats:



10.1″ HD Touchscreen
Dual Stereo Speakers
2.0MP Front Camera
5.0MP Rear Camera


Storage & Memory

32GB Storage (Built-In)
Add up to 32GB via MicroSD
5000 mAh Battery



Platform: Android 7.0 Nougat
Bluetooth 4.1
Dual Band 802.11N Wifi



3.5mm Headphone Jack
USB & Micro USB
Power Adapter

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What do you like most about this Tanoshi 2 in 1 computer for kids the most?

The first backers on Kickstarter will be able to buy Tanoshi for $150 instead of regular $199.99 retail price. Visit Tanoshi’s Kickstarter page here.


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