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We’re well into August now, and that means that we’re going to be waving goodbye to summer in no time. Hopefully, you got your fill of beaches and barbecues while they lasted! Soon, the leaves will be going brown, the weather will be getting colder, and you’ll have to accommodate for another change: your wardrobe. Here are some of the fashion essentials to pick up for your autumn wardrobe.


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Skinny Jeans

When that first cold blast hits us, it’s going to become pretty hard to go out with tights or nothing at all covering our legs. However, you can still look great while avoiding goose bumps with a few good pairs of skinnies. The slender, streamlined silhouette you get from skinny jeans means you can add several layers to keep out the cold. They look gorgeous with ballet flats and a leather jacket for day-to-day wear. For nights on the town, a silk drape and sharp-toed heels. Get yourself some skinnies, and soon you’ll see just how versatile they are.


Cashmere Sweaters

For a lot of us, autumn feels like one long balancing act between looking fantastic and feeling comfortable. A decent cashmere crewneck sweater is brilliant both for dressing up and dressing down. Personally, I love to combine these with a sharp collared shirt poking out from the neck. However, a cashmere sweater can be an incredible compliment to all kinds of pieces, including midi skirts, leather skinnies and printed trousers. Black, as always, will go with anything. However, you can combine a bland, grey sweater with a vibrant hat for an effortless and striking look.


Statement Coats

If there’s one absolute essential for autumn, it’s a good coat. This is your shield from all those freezing gusts and sudden thunderstorms! For regular, day-to-day wear, a good alpine coat can be the perfect thing for your favorite cold-weather ensemble, or perhaps a lined leather jacket that clings a bit more to your figure. On days where you need to make an impression, though, you’ll want a lovely statement coat. These will add a striking burst of color, and foil an outfit that’s mostly made of subdued, neutral colors. Trenches, macs and belted coats are all pretty hot right now.


Over Knee Boots

Here’s another piece that manages to be stunning and practical. The months where you could go out in gorgeous heels and sandals are sadly coming to a close. Now, you need something to protect you from all those muddy puddles that are on their way. Have some nice wellies in reserve, by all means. However, if you want to make a statement, get a pair of over knee boots. You can dress down with these using jeans and a jumper, or glam yourself up with a mini dress or skirt when you’re on a night out. While some women lean more towards neutrals, black is by far the most flexible color for over-knees.

Once those leaves start falling, take this list to the stores. You’ll come back with the ultimate autumn wardrobe!



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