Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas for Difficult Mothers


Mother’s day is just around the corner, and everyone I know is still hunting for that perfect gift. It isn’t just this time of year that present-hunting for moms is difficult though – what about birthdays and every Christmas? I thought I’d put together a handy unique gift guide for all my readers, to make the task a little easier this year…

  • Knitted tech case

If your mom regularly surfs the internet on her iPad or smartphone, this is the gift for her. A patchwork, embroidered case or cover is ideal for all those moms that are forever leaving their technology lying around. 

  • Family photo art

If your mom loves to cover every sideboard with personal photographs, why not get her a new family snap with a difference? Why not have her favorite photo prints on wood for her to hang up? Or in black and white with an elegant framed print for a professional look?

  • Personalized cookbook

If you have fond memories of your mother cooking up a storm in her kitchen, don’t bother buying her a chef’s cookbook this year – buy her one of her own! You can get cookbooks in a variety of different styles these days, even with her name printed on. 

  • Baking accessories

If she prefers to spend most of her time baking and trying new cake recipes, buy her a selection of unusual baking accessories. It could be a laser-cut rolling pin so she can print a pattern onto her dough, or some funky shaped cupcake tins for special occasions.

  • Vintage picnic hamper

If you’re the kind of family who likes to go for long walks and day trips together, look out for one of the many vintage picnic hampers that come with crockery and even a cool-box section for your next outing together.

  • Gardener’s hamper

Your mom might be the green-fingered type instead though, in which case you could put her together with a selection of gardening tools to help her now that spring has come around. 

  • DIY terrarium

A vase of flowers is a traditional gift, but how about something that requires less maintenance that will last much longer? Terrariums can be used as ornaments and accessories within a home, and never need be touched – you can find a guide on how to make one here

  • Pamper package

New pajamas, bath salts, facial oil, scented candles and an eye mask – all the essentials you’ll need when you put together the ultimate pamper pack for your mom this year.

  • Overnight bag

If your mom likes to stay over a lot with you, or you regularly go on short breaks together, she’ll appreciate a stylish new overnight bag with matching toiletry bag.

  • Bouquet of…

The traditional mother’s gift is a bouquet of flower, but who says it has to be? It could be a bouquet of chocolate tulips, rose-decorated cupcakes or herbs for cooking with!

What are you buying your mom for Mother’s Day?

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