Tips on Inspiring a Child to Write Any Essay and Do Any Homework


If you have children, you are doing this – homework, and sometimes it can be a Battle Royale. Whether your kid is six or sixteen years old, when it comes to homework, it is always a difficult part for parents to handle the fuss around it. The professional team of CoolEssay writers knows how to make this process less painful and how to inspire your child to do a whole bunch of homework.

Do not Confuse Your and Your Child’s Responsibilities

What is the role of parents when it comes to doing homework? In our experience, most of the parents think it is their responsibility that the homework should be complete. You need to understand it is the child’s homework and you are responsible for enabling them to do it rather than sitting there and writing an essay for them. Encourage them to know that it is their role.

What about helping kids doing homework? Lots of parents can found themselves lapsing into doing the whole task for a child. We all want to take care of our children and get the best answers to them. But it is really crucial for parents to let the kids know that you are there to guide the child, to be available for them but not to do the actual work for them.

Find a Perfect Place

Have a dedicated place for kids to do homework, so they know that when they are there it is the only thing they are concentrating on. To put it simply, it is like a Pavlovian. It is really about getting them into the groove of doing homework and knowing that they take it seriously. It can be a place in their room at the desk or a set up at the kitchen table.

Do not Meddle

Sometimes children bottle up what they are feeling inside and what parents see is a secondary emotion. Usually, it comes out physical with attitude or aggression. So, the key point sometimes is to not to meddle. Parents should be available to answer the difficult questions or help with the understanding of the assignment, but by hovering over them and judging everything they do, you are going to make even worse.

Set up Rewards

We do not tell you to bribe your kids for doing homework but they should have something at the end they can look forward to. It is not about money at all. For example, if they are watching TV instead of doing homework, take away TV completely on school nights unless they finish or present a dessert whenever they are done with their tasks. Give them permission to go to a party they are dying to attend or organize a family trip to an action park.

In this way you make them realize that when you work, you get the incentive. If you procrastinate nothing ever works out the way you want it to. The closest you can mirror homework time to the real-world work, the faster they will understand the key principals of life.

Find out, what does your child need to recharge? Is it a snack, playing with siblings or a few minutes of table tennis? It will get them in the homework mode.

Choose the Time

Empower your kids to choose a comfortable time for work and make it a regular thing, find out your child’s academic pace. Some of them are sprinters, they do a whole chunk of work for 5 hours. Another time they are more long-distance runners and do a little bit at a time over a few days. Give them an opportunity to choose whether to do everything before dinner, after dinner or a half before and the half after.

Show an Example

While your kids are doing homework, do some of your own routine work, like paying bills, writing an article or reading a book. For the child, it will make the whole concept of homework seem less unfair. You should be a role model for your child. The most common question children ask when it comes to domestic work is “Why should I do it and you should not?” The same thing goes for the homework. Show the child you also have some tasks which need to be done.

Explain Why It Is Important

Your child should know how the process of studying and doing homework will help them in the future. What is the whole point of it? For instance, tell your would-be writer son that he will not be able to write a line if he is not a good reader. That is why he has to learn some poems by heart and pay attention to the literature and English language. Talk about the benefits. Moreover, if parents establish clear goals, it will be easier for the child to achieve them.

Try to Change Psychology

If you have already tried all the methods but nothing is working, try to change your approach. Stop trying altogether for a moment and let your children discover the consequences of their attitude. The thing here is to be welcoming when they come crawling back.

Do you remember yourself during high school years? What were you thinking of? How much time did you spend on homework? Did the cliсhe phrases of your parents work? So, do not repeat your own mistakes and provide your children with an understanding and respect in order to make them a better copy of yourself.

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4 years ago

This advice helps me a lot:
Keep distractions to a minimum. This means no TV, loud music, or phone calls. (Occasionally, though, a phone call to a classmate about an assignment can be helpful.) and help them make a plan.
See my young father blog . Thanks.

Linda Carter
Linda Carter
4 years ago

Wow, aren’t that some great advices? Thanks for posting, you’re totally nailed this topic! When it comes to my kid and research paper help, I am considering myself lucky because I have an experience with writing and the homework assignments performing. But what about those who have not?

3 years ago

This is such a great tips! so helpful

Greg T. Hawley
Greg T. Hawley
3 years ago

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