Enjoy Those Stay-at-Home Preschool Years – They’re Over Before You Know It


The baby to toddler years are always exciting times to be at home with your kids, but once the preschool years are over and your little ones are headed off to big kid school, you may find yourself with a bit more time on your hands. Of course, with that little extra bit of time comes the responsibility of doing something constructive during downtime. Here are some of the most common obstacles that moms face when the kids begin school full-time.

Getting Back to Your Education

Many moms find themselves putting education on the backburner while they focus on the upbringing of their little ones. Understandably, it can be difficult to raise a young child while also staying on top of your academic duties. With your kid(s) headed off to elementary school and daycare, it makes sense that you can now go back to thinking about career aspirations and collegiate education goals (if you haven’t already finished your degree, that is). It’s important to view schools and conduct a thorough comparison of the programs in your area based on the field of study you’re interested in.

Building a Stable Career

Aside from going to school, there are other things you can start doing to build up your career more immediately, such as tackling a well-rounded job search or developing your portfolio and resume. Signing up for job search sites, paying for a professional resume service, and considering internship programs are some of the steps you can take to kick-start your career quickly.

Driving and Attending Events

With your kids attending elementary school, you’ll have some social events to consider. Classroom parties, field trips, school plays and programs, and depending on how involved you wish to become possibly PTA events, volunteering in the classroom, room mom duties, etc. This is also the age when your kids will want to go to birthday parties, movie theaters, playdates, and other festive events. You may want to consider the benefits of trading in your vehicle for something perhaps more fuel-efficient yet roomy and economical. Signing up for gas rewards cards, switching to an electric hybrid, and organizing carpools with other moms are some ways to save while doing all that extra driving.

Turning Stresses into Successes

In closing, all the above might seem like boulders on your shoulders, but it’s good to remember that with great responsibility comes great reward. Ultimately, preparing to handle these aspects will put you in a better position to provide for your children as they get older and their needs become more expensive. These are also valuable life lessons that will help you build character and experiences that you can share with your kids when they get older and need general life advice.

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Amanda is the mother of three glorious, rambunctious, dysfunctionaly perfect children. Attempting balance the delicate balance between work, mom-ing, adult-ing, and having a life of her own – she has found that her love for writing is sometimes what gets her through the day-to-day blissfully imperfect live she was blessed with. Ultimately, motherhood has been her greatest challenge and greatest blessing. The fam in general are avid outdoor and sports enthusiasts. But there are many many other passions to be found on our journey!

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