Tips On How To Apply For A Lost Or Stolen Social Security Replacement Card


So, you find yourself in the situation where your wallet containing your bank cards, driver’s license and social security card was stolen.

This can put you in jeopardy of identity theft. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the correct steps to avoid this from happening.

First, you need to start monitoring your credit cards for any fraudulent transactions and make sure you’ve contacted the relevant credit providers, informing them of the stolen cards and asking them to monitor your accounts.

The following step is to visit your nearest social security office to open a request for a replacement social security card.

How can someone gain from stealing my social security card?

  1. They can open new payment cards, using your name and details.
  2. Identity thieves can commit digital fraud with your social security number and stolen mobile phones. The one-time passwords that are sent to recipients can enable them to break into credit card, bank and financial accounts.
  3. Your social security number can be used for filing false tax returns to obtain tax reimbursements in the victim’s name without them even knowing about it.


How do I request a replacement card?

Your Social Security card application can be done either online, making a trip to the Social security office or via phone call.

The process can be done quick and straightforward if done correctly. It generally takes about two weeks to receive a replacement card from the date when the loss was reported.

The process is free, and three necessary steps are outlined by social security:

  1. Make sure which documents you need for your application.
  2. Fill in and print the application form.
  3. E-mail the information or submit it in person at the social security administration department.

When visiting the social security office, you’ll need to bring along identification:

  • US Driver’s license
  • State-issued non-driver identification card or
  • US Passport

Make sure that all documents are either original or copies that are certified by the issuing office.

Other essential steps to follow after losing your social security card:

Step 1 – Placing a fraud alert. This can be done by calling any one of the three credit-reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax or TransUnion). Once the client has placed a fraud alert, the credit reporting agency obliged to inform the other two agencies.

By placing a fraud alert, it will simplify the process of monitoring your credit after losing your card. The credit companies will phone you to verify if credit was opened under your name plus you have the option to renew the alert every 90 days until you are satisfied that the situation was solved.

Step 2 – Monitoring your accounts. Make sure you check your credit card or other statements for any fraudulent transactions every month.

Step 3 – Reporting the stolen card to the IRS. This can obstruct thieves from filing a tax return in your name.

Step 4 – Filing a report at the FTC. This can protect you from identity fraud.

Step 5 – You can file a police report at your local police station and document the incident.

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